A Healthy Relationship With God

A healthy relationship with God is one that grows each day.

One thing that dark powers would steal from us if they can is our close ties with the Lord. It is also the one thing that we cannot afford to lose. Yet our world is hectic and the enemy is endlessly tricky. Countless distractions would keep us looking in any other direction than our Savior. It will take a determined heart to see through the smoke and mirrors and find our Lord is right here nearby. God is close to each of us. When we reach out to Him and find that He is reaching out to us, we can instantly find ourselves safely in His mighty arms. The next step is to make that relationship, that bond, that walk we share, grow into something strong and vibrant. If we can feed our relationship and nurture it, it will grow into something that will last forever!

that the rest of men may seek after the Lord: all the Gentiles who are called by my name, says the Lord, who does all these things.’  Acts 15:17 (WEB)

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