Don´t Be Far

You have seen it, Yahweh. Don’t keep silent. Lord, don’t be far from me. Psalm 35:22

It doesn’t matter what the horizon looks like. Even the sailer squinting out into the eye of the perfect storm can take heart. All hell can be breaking loose upon us, and the fury of the elements can hurl all that it will. If God is near us, then all will be well with our souls.

Many are the testimonies. And probably everyone has felt it at some point. But, when God reaches through our troubled times, He effortlessly calms the storm. The weathered fishermen in the Sea of Galilee watched in wonder. We will also see how mighty the arm of God is. They knew the seas and had weathered their share of storms. But their worst fears vanished when they had a peak into the power of God.

We see our world, counting on it using science, physics, and experience. Yet the forces that brought our universe into existence lie far above and beyond such things. So, no matter where we are or what our scene may look like, if we are close to the Almighty, we are where we need to be.

Let us pray with the Psalmist. Let us ask that we come near the Lord. Let us come so close that nothing in our puny reality can ever do us any lasting harm. “Lord, please don´t be far from us, we pray!”

You have seen it, Yahweh. Don’t keep silent. Lord, don’t be far from me.  Psalm 35:22 (WEB)


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