Still Don´t Understand

We live in an age of information.  Never has there been a time when so much knowledge is available in such quick and easy ways.  The Holy Scriptures have been researched and the contents portrayed in so many ways at just the touch of a button.  One might think that religion and our spiritual and moral futures could never be clearer to us.

However, there is a curious connection with things written in the Living Word and the way things are today.  Diligent study of the Bible will show that many parallels may be drawn between times described there and the world and society we live in here and now.

For they did not yet discern the scripture….. (John 20:9 Reference Bible)

Jesus worked hard to show us that there exists another reality which is greater than anything which our common view of things here on earth can capture.  God´s kingdom, God´s realm lies just beyond the barriers of our limited faculties.

It is possible though for any one of us to have our eyes opened to the mysteries of this ¨OTHER¨ existence.  Jesus proclaimed it.  Our hearts hope after it.  What remains is for us to take the offered hand of our Guide and make that journey towards realization.  Journey, we say because to dive into that Sea which is our God, is only a process.  We begin to learn but we can never in a lifetime understand all that He is or all that He does.  This is why we call Him God and this is why we worship Him.


Let us look at John 20 with this in mind.  Jesus had already given His testimony on the actual state of things.  He had worked hard and long with His followers to open their understandings to the fact that He was from that greater existence and greater intelligence.  He was not limited to the laws and forces of nature with which we are familiar.  Physics and science had no power over Him and He testified to this in word and deed.

As is usually the case, Jesus was acting and speaking to us down here on our level, but moving and seeing constantly with ¨Other¨ and greater purposes.  In the story here of the Disciples on the day of resurrection, they still could not see or understand that all this was spread out before them.  They had the scriptures to tell them what would happen.  They had sat and listened to Jesus tell them in person just how things really were and that it did not correspond with our common way of seeing things.

This happens to us today even after all these years and with the immense quantity of information at hand.  We still blunder along in with our lives and our professed religions and never guess at the real significance of what is really happening.

God is working on His level.  God is surrounded by His infinitude and continues to run His kingdom.  We do have the scriptures which paint a vague picture as to His intentions for us and we have been invited to take a part in what He has willed for us.

But how many of us today prefer to stand in our human traditional ways of seeing and sensing our environment.  We trod along in life seeing and thinking in worldly senses.  We keep the things written in the Bible limited to things that we can compare with the world we see and know.  Heaven to us is just like our own world only a tab bit prettier.  Eternity in our understanding is the ability to remain young and healthy.

Jesus taught us to direct our intentions towards the Almighty God.  He asked us to believe in a wonderful ¨OTHER¨ existence which runs in perfect harmony to ¨OTHER¨ sets of rules and motives.

We need to learn not to limit Jesus or His Father to our physical and mental powers of understanding.  Where our hearts or our senses cannot see, we need to lift up our understanding to the One who gives it.  Religion can become more than just a part of our daily lives.  We will not need to get together to discuss our differences of opinions or interpretations.

God will and does reign on high.  He continues to work towards His objectives and according to His own intentions.  Those who would truly desire to take part with Him need not stand in an empty tomb.  We can rejoice today that Jesus is alive.  He is far above what is happening to us today and anything that we can see with our eyes or touch with our hands.

Lift up your understanding to Him today.  Let us concern ourselves on who He is and learning of Him and drawing near to Him in every moment.  Then we need not worry about what is happening because it is wrapped up with Him in intentions far greater than we need to understand.

This kind of faith is a pleasure and this kind of religion purifies everything you think and feel and do.

Enjoy Him today and forever, Amen!

Scott W

One thought on “Still Don´t Understand

  1. Amen Scott. My job is to help people get to that other rhelm you spoke of. In fact, God wants to advance the entire human race to a higher level of consciousness. Plans are now underway to get the word out to the masses and restore faith by empowering people. Stay tuned. Peace be with you.


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