Jesus Outside of the Tomb

Jesus said to her ¨Do not touch me, for I am not yet ascended unto the Father.  But go to my brothers and tell them ´I am going to My Father, your Father, My God, your God¨.  John 20:17 (Byington)

Have you ever wondered why Jesus acted as He did after His resurrection?


He was seen at first only by a few people and then later by a larger gathering of His followers.  But it was difficult for them to recognize Him and He did not interact with them the same as He had before His crucifixion.

It would be impossible to attempt to describe with any sufficient measure all that was taking place there at that time.  The world around Jerusalem was for sure in turmoil, but it may be conceivable that the same can be said about what was happening in heaven and in hell. One can only imagine what the scene was on those two separate campaign floors.

To shed perhaps a little light on some small parts we may consider what we do know.  Jesus´ ministry had come to an end.  He had performed his task of teaching and showing by example what it meant to worship the Lord God Almighty.  Jesus had also carried the burden as the Christ and in the end nailed the weight of all our sins upon that cross on His own body.  He had suffered the false accusations, guilt, mistreatment and ultimately death.  He did this not for anything He had done but because He loved us and it was the will of His Father.

But after this had come to pass, He was a changed man.  Not just a changed man, because the man as we knew Him was dead.  Whatever it is that passes beyond death is not completely human.  For sure the spirit lives on and it was evident that He had a body as He told Mary to stop touching Him. However just like the cocoon changes the butterfly or the moth, the grave works some mystical change as well.

We humans today cannot claim to be experts on just what that change is but we may lift up our interpretation unto God and the Holy Spirit.  We may wonder after these deep truths and use them to endear us to the Father and the Son.  In cases like this we find we need to lean even harder on the shoulder of the One who carries our burdens.  This in turn is a good and correct response for those who call themselves Christians.

One thing is sure is that Jesus was still concerned about us, His brethren.  He longed to be with His people but as things had changed and His work was finished here, His rightful place was next to His Father.  Jesus could not rest or relax until He was in that correct position.  What remained for Him was to show Himself to the world which cared to know Him.  The last of His accomplishments was to prove to them that He had done what the Father had asked Him and that He was who He claimed to be.

He used these moments to say farewell in the body and encourage them to remain in Him.  He promised to send us the Spiritual Guide and then wasted little time in going where He needed to be, by God the Father.

I wish there was much instruction to give about that magical period in the account of our Savior.  But for now I will attempt to share my sense of wonder and hope that it may serve to strengthen our love and dedication to an awesome and wonderful being, who cares for us and calls us to look up unto Him.  Perhaps you too may be fed in some special way, thinking of that turmoil which the moment caused there in Judea, in hell, and in God´s victorious kingdom.

We look forward to the day when Jesus may show us and help us understand all that was being accomplished and why.  For now we bow in humble awe and lift our hearts in worship to our victorious Savior.

Thank you Lord for all You have done for us!


Scott W

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