Living Through Tough Times

How many of us have had to go through tough times?  Perhaps you are just starting out In life with your family or career.  It may seem at times that things just don´t seem to go your way.  The sesation you have is that the winds are blowing in your face and progress is slow.  Maybe you feel like you are getting nowhere and you just want to shout, ¨What´s going on´?  `Why is this so difficult¨?


In times like these you probably may think that this in happening only to you.  When you look at the people around you, you cannot see that they are struggling as hard as you are.  These moment may pass rapidly or they may go on for years.  But they are always difficult to live through and can really bring down your spirits.

It may help to see through the example of others who have experienced something similar, just how the Lord may use these times and that you have not been forgotten in God´s overall scheme of things.

There was a little family some time ago which must have felt this same desperation and fear.  Perhaps examining a little of their experience we may find a little relief from our own frustrations.  Sure, the times have changed and the problems take on a different disguise.  But let us look for any help we can.

This young couple just had their first baby.  The mother did not even have the time to recuperate from childbirth and they found their lives in danger.  They had to escape during the night.  They managed to make it to a neighboring country and had to survive there until it was safe.

God did not abandon the family even though times were tough.  When it was safe for them, God did not leave them in that strange place but opened the way for them to return to their country.  However, they had to choose an out of the way place and make their home there.  It is never easy to start out again in a new place where you are strangers.

For sure this young couple and their growing family felt all the same frustrations that you and I may go through today.  We struggle with problems daily which perhaps are not within our control. But we lift up what we can to the Lord and we press on further hoping that we are pleasing our God with our efforts and that the children are properly cared for and educated.

We may not see in any given moment just how God has led us through these hard times and sometimes we might wonder where He is and why He is permitting these things to happen to us.  But God is here and He does have a plan.  We need to learn to trust that whatever He has seen fit to allow to happen to us does enter into the plan He has for us.   We cannot see as He does, the end from the beginning.  But He can and it is comforting to know that He hasn´t forgotten us nor has He let our concerns slip out of His fingertips.

The young couple which we referred to above was Joseph and Mary, the earthly parents of our Savior Jesus Christ.  They had times where things seemed very difficult for them.  For sure they doubted at times whether or not they were doing the right thing.  It is evident that they were scared for their future and were forced to make hard decisions.  In the end I am sure that the only reassuring thing to them is that they felt they were offering up their lives to God and choosing to obey Him and follow Him and His word.

In this sense maybe we may be able to draw a parallel to our own situation.  When times get tough and we struggle and have doubts, do not let yourself get down.  Your savior suffered in some ways during His life on earth.  He is more than able to understand your petitions.  He is right now seated next to the Father.  They can see effortlessly the final outcome and all that you are and will have to go through.

God has not dropped the ball nor let things get out of hand.  Things are in capable hands even if we need to suffer for a time.  Take comfort that others have struggled too and in the end God will was done.  Do not doubt that because you cannot see it, these thing do not fit into the Lord´s plan.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God.

If you love God and feel called to turn your attention from yourself and unto Him.  Then my friend, nothing that happens to you no matter how difficult it is to live through, can ruin God´s plan for you.  This includes even your lack of success in understanding just why you have to suffer and struggle each day.

Let those difficult time work their magic and put your faith even more firmly upon those great shoulders which carry the weight of all our hard times.  Allow Jesus to take the big problems as well as the little ones and trust that He will support the burden.  Just direct yourself to Him.  If it gets more difficult, fall even harder upon Him.  Seek Him more, search for Him until it does get easier.  You do not see but He does.

Blessed relief from the worries of this world come to us when we take our eyes off of those woes and place them on the One who has been there and has promised us He would make sure all is being taken care of.

To Him be the glory,


Scott W

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