Turning From Me to You (A Prayer)


Dear Lord,

I have spent many years living my life for me.  I chased after pleasure and possession and thought only of myself for too long.

Lately I have heard you calling me away from myself and the distractions of life and the world around me.

Please enable me to turn from myself and correct the direction of my heart.

Focus me I pray on You.  Fill my eyes with nothing else.  Give me a spirit of desire after You, to seek and discover the riches of knowing You.

I know my fallen nature will protest and will try to trick me into returning to the affections it had before.  Perhaps it will try to deceive me into following refined or less obvious self-oriented goals.  But please guard me against every deceit of the heart, the world and the attacks from the evil one.

Let me seek not the higher level of purity, nor a better way of living.  But help me to seek to be filled so completely with You that all that I am, see and do, is passing first from you and then to me.   Allow me to draw so near to You that one cannot see where I end and You begin.  Let there be a filling and a blending of natures until mine no longer exists but rather Yours is reflected in me.

I know that I must lose everything, including my hold very soul.  Help me include EVERYTHING else in the deal as well.  Let me give up life, possession, relationships, passions and any other thing that stands in the way.  Help me to die to myself and begin living for You!

Then, and only then, will I begin to have life inside of me.  Not my life but Yours, flowing from you and filling me.  Let it move me for your purposes and goals and intentions.

May my self and earthly death bring glory and honor to Your Name and may You find pleasure to receive that what belongs to you and always has.

Send me whatever suffering or heap upon me whatever heavy price that is still left without payment.  So that I may fall into the footsteps of the One to whom I choose to look.  Give me my cross to carry as You carried Yours before and instructed me to do as well.  Steel me against turning again to consider my ¨self,¨ but direct always the gaze of my soul to You.

In your name I pray.  In your merit alone I rest.  In the hope after Your power to achieve this, I will cling.  In your time I ask for the work to be done and I will need you to grant me patience and perseverance until that day.

To You be the glory forevermore!


Scott W

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