Sheep Without a Shepherd

So many lines can be drawn between the times when Jesus walked the earth and our current day and age.  Sometimes as we are reading the scriptures we almost forget that those words were written in a different time because it seems they are describing our situation today.



But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they distressed and scattered, as sheep not having a shepherd.  Matthew 9:35 (American Standard Version)

When Jesus looked at the people His heart went out to them because the did not know which way to turn.  Everyone seemed to be telling them what they should do and how to do it, but it was all empty and meaningless.  People sought religion, but religion only offered them a way of life.  It did not fill that empty hole they felt inside which can only be filled by the Spirit of God.

You see, we are created flesh and blood and our bodies are a remarkable machine and work of art.  However, the thing that is special about us is that this body is inhabited by the spirit which God placed in each and every one of us.  This spirit, is only complete and healthy when it is bonded with and feeding from the Spirit of God.  Just as the body is only complete and healthy when it is inhabited with the spirit God placed inside.  Once this spirit is removed from the physical body, we die and our body begins to decay.

Therefore deep inside each individual there is a burning need to be connected or filled with this Spirit of God.  The spirit which is inside of us gasps for air as such, desperately depending on this filling from above.  Some people choose to ignore this burning inside and turn to all kinds of depravity to try to fill that void they feel.  People turn to filling their lives with possessions, pleasures, drugs or chase after whatever other passions, mistaking all the while that this emptiness can only be filled by the one thing that was intended to sustain and make us whole.

But many people are honest enough to recognize that it is in fact God or our Savior Jesus Christ which we lack, and they turn to religion in the hopes of filling that void.  This is great!  But the Devil is clever and has directed much of his time and effort into preventing any true healing from happening for the flock of Jesus.

This is why there seems to be so much division between religious views and controversy between the people who stand out on the fact that Jesus is our Savior and we need Him.

The one place where confusion should not enter is the church of God where we call ourselves Christians and attempt to adjust ourselves to the Lord Jesus Christ.  But unfortunately our fallen human nature, the world and the Devil have succeeded in infiltrating this flock and confusing the lambs of God.

When Jesus saw this, He said that they needed a shepherd, and He stepped up to the task because He felt compassion for them.  Today it is no different.  Jesus stands out as the one to whom we can turn to find comfort and direction.  We can remain in our flocks as long as that flock is listening to the sound of His voice and is following hard after Him.

But the moment our flocks begin to turn to worldly ways, dissention and quarreling, or merely directing our attention to ourselves, we are being led astray and need to find once again our precious shepherd.

Then, with our eyes and hearts fixed upon Him, that empty place inside can be filled with His presence.  Our desperately seeking soul finds what it needed and our suffering is eased as it feeds off of the Spirit of the Lord.  These sheep find the comfort of their shepherd and huddle close to Him.

Therefore we should pray along with Jesus when He says that the harvest is great, but workers are few.  We can beg the Boss of the harvest to send out His workers to assure that all that belongs to Him is brought safely in. Matthew 9:37-38

May each and every one of us find that filling and that tender, compassionate voice which draws us to Him today.

And may the Spirit feed you to overflowing and ease your distress.


Scott W

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