The Kingdom of Heaven is Near

As you go, preach, saying, ¨The kingdom of the heavens has drawn near.¨  Matthew 10:7


Jesus sent out His disciples with the message to give to the world.  He wanted to spread the good news about the realm of heaven, where God reigns supreme.  The people of that day only saw the world around them, the rituals and external expressions of their religion.  But He knew and could see that what was needed was some tie that made things personal between Creator and created beings. 

Those people of that day needed to hear the good news that there existed a separate reality, one greater and infinitely more wonderful.  This other reality flows from and bows to One Entity that deserves our attention, honor and praise.  But not only is this news ominous but beautifully sweet news to the lost generations of the earth.  Drawing near to that entity and sharing in a personal relationship is the most satisfying and significant thing any person can possibly do within their lifetime.

People needed to know that heaven was not a distant inaccessible place and that they could and should approach God each one individually.  What is more, the very Son of God was here and at hand for the people to come and see and spend time in His presence.  On top of all this, Jesus wanted people to know the importance of the work which He was performing on an eternal scale in the redeeming of fallen man from his sin.

But rather that dive into all the amazing things that were happening and all that Jesus wanted to share, let us examine simply what Jesus instructed those men to preach as the spread this good message to the people.

The words Jesus specifically asked them to share were that God´s realm, His kingdom and reign was very close.

Some would like to think of Jesus talking about the moment in time, while others prefer to think that He was referring to Himself the Son and redeemer actually being in their midst.  There may be many other wonderful thoughts of the intended meaning and perhaps they too would bring honor to the Lord.

However as it is a spiritual message and sent for our souls not only our intellects, we can safely hold up any final meaning to the Lord as if a burnt offering which brings a sweet smell before the throne of God.

Also we can count on the fact that the message was not only serving for those people of that day, but intended for our instruction today.  We of this late age can hold Jesus´ words as just as crucial to our times and just as healing for our souls in this age.

The words of God and His Son Jesus Christ are eternal words that once spoken, continue with the same authority and character as the One who uttered them.  They flow ever out into God´s creation giving life, healing and returning again to Him in praise and honor.

So when Jesus wants to tell men that the kingdom of God is close, we had better take those words seriously and attempt to find pertinence to us right here and right now.  Whether you make it time, whether you make it in closeness of relationship, make it real and make it crucial to your very life today.

Open your ears and open your eyes.  Wash yourself from any impurity that may have entered to turn you even slightly from your closeness to Him.  Bring everything before Him to examine and to instruct you on how to proceed.  Take these or any thoughts you have about Him.  He was there back then in Palestine and He is here now for us today.

May the Holy Spirit be pleased to see this kind of sincerity in those who turn to look for the Divine.  May He take pleasure in drawing us close, making it timely and working whatever other unseen miracles that we may need to adjust ourselves correctly to our Lord.

And may you and I receive a blessing from the words of our Savior when He says that His kingdom is close at hand.


Scott W

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