More on Getting A-Way

And upon landing he saw a great crowd and had pity on them and cured their sick.  Matthew 14:14 (Byington)

Jesus lived a perfect example of One dedicated first and foremost to being with His Father and finding the time to spend in communion with Him.  He sought out times to pray or times to be alone with His God.  On this occasion in Matthew 14 where Jesus took a boat to a remote shore, He found the people had come on foot and already a great crowd had gathered.

We too must each seek out these moments of bonding and of directing ourselves to our heavenly Father.  It is in these quiet times where the One that knows us best and knows what we need to be directing our efforts towards, whispers to us the secrets of the Spirit.  In these precious moments our resolve is firmed, our hearts are softened and deep healing purifies our nature.

The closer and more frequent our time spent with our Lord is, the more like Him we become.  His qualities are reflected in us and our nature is changed by His.  This happens as we experience more and more of His wonderful nature.

However, a curious thing happened in this story of Jesus.  When He had felt the need to get away and seek this special time with His father, He found that the people had beaten Him to His quiet place.

And His great heart went out to them.

Jesus felt some deep urge and need inside to draw near and spend refreshing moments with God, but found His moment ruined by a multitude of people who needed Him.  Instead of turning away to find a different place, Jesus had pity and took care of their ailments.

Likewise, we cannot tell what we will find in those moments when we need to seek time with our heavenly Father.  It could happen, that when we reach that place and our intentions are turned to seeking Him that we may find people who are in need of our care.

Inside the heart of Jesus was a necessity to be with His Father, when He realized that there were suffering and needy people, His intention was still directed to God and the heart of God always is going out towards His people in compassion.  In this moment the heart of Christ could not have been closer to that of the heart of God.  Only in this moment, instead of directing His attention fully to His Father above, He was letting His Father´s attention flow through Him and out to those in need.

So it may be for you and me.  We too must realize our desperate need to seek out and find those blessed times with our God.  But we should also be aware that when we approach our Father for His healing and His closeness, we may find others that are in need as well.  We should pray that we could imitate our Savior in that whenever we find another child of God in need, our heart goes out to them too.

We should never brush someone off out of a selfish desire even if that desire is directed to God.  It may just be that God was drawing us to Him so that He could reach out to and heal some ailing brother or sister.

Dear Jesus, we are amazed at the compassion You have showed to us all.  We would like to learn and we ask for your enabling, to seek out and find times to be with our Father in heaven.  We would also like to learn from You that when we have turned to God and are directing ourselves to Him that we may find others whom You would like to heal.  Please let our hearts go out to them, as Yours did and may we be filled with the same love You feel for all Your Father´s children.  

In Your name we pray,


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