To Feed A Lot of People

However, Jesus said to them: ¨They do not have to leave: You give them something to eat.¨  Matthew 14:16  (Reference Bible)

What a wonderful look into spiritual ways is this story of the feeding of the five thousand.  Jesus knew what He was doing in every given moment.  So closely did He walk with the Father and so clearly did He see into spiritual realms, that nothing ever caught Him off guard.  In fact, we can see easier though hind-sight that things were actually planned to work out how they did.

When Jesus kept the people till it was late and everyone was hungry, it was not because He had got caught up with something and the hour snuck up on Him.  Jesus was preparing us, the people and His disciples to witness what kind of power and authority He had.  He was getting ready to show us how our solid grip on reality was in fact dependent on and inferior to the reality of the kingdom of heaven.

We all get so caught up in our own reality that we seldom stop to think that it is merely a created one and that there are beings that are not tied to this reality except in ways they have chosen to be connected.  Whatever can and does happen within the history of our planet and our human race, does not affect God but for the concern and love He chooses to hold for us.

And here is Jesus, walking amongst us but all the while completely aware of the greater reality and marvelous kingdom of His Father.  For sure the miracles which He performed, although amazing for us to consider, were watered down to the point where we could digest them.  Had Jesus peeled back the skies and shown us His powers on a galactic scale, it would have been too much for us.

But one remarkable thing about Jesus is His tender way of leading us through the baby steps of learning His wonders.  So when His disciples came to Him and asked Him to send them away, He gently led them to the understanding of How God works and that there are no limitations on Him.  Jesus says simply, ¨They don´t need to go, you feed them.¨


We focus on our interpretation of reality and we focus on our personal experience.  Some may even stand out firmly upon science.  But where God is concerned, this just won´t do.

God is bigger.

There are no human studies great enough to capture Him.  There is no experiment that can define Him.  There have been many books written, but even if we lump them all together, it still cannot wrap Him up into something that we can grasp with our minds or take in our hands.

Jesus´ work here on earth was not to come and exercise part of that power that He had.  He came to show us how to tie ourselves with and connect ourselves to that great creating entity that we call God.

The miracle Jesus performed that day in feeding so many people was amazing.  But the message is always much deeper.  The finger of Jesus always points to something greater and more mind-blowing.  Jesus did what He could to try to help us understand the magnificence of His Father and the reality of His kingdom that was not made by human hands.

Jesus tries to peel back the scales that lay over our eyes so that we can see that there are no limitations in our God.  If we would only believe in Him, His words and follow Him in His complete obedience to His Father, there would be no limitations for us either.  We can and should be so entirely wrapped up in the will of God, that this reality we find ourselves in only has the limitations that He would place there.

Dear Jesus, help us to see, to hear and to understand the mysteries that still lay waiting for us to discover in You.  Open our minds, our hearts and our souls so that we too may experience You and Your Father in levels our limited nature does not yet allow.



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