Walking On Water

After sending the crowds away, he went up on the mountain by himself to pray.  When evening came, he was there alone.  Matthew 14:23 (New World Translation)

It is important to note that Jesus sought out His moments to pray.  Jesus had tried to get away after hearing of John the Baptist´s death, but found the people came to His secret spot of prayer.  God took Jesus´ intention towards seeking those moments with Him, and used it to provide us all with the nourishment of the miracle of feeding the multitude.

But as soon as Jesus saw that God´s will was honored and the people had been sufficiently blessed, He sent them all away so that He could finally have that special moment that He was looking for with His Father.

We might find ourselves alone by saying that Jesus´ amazing power to perform miracles was a direct reflection of His closeness with God.  It is a fact that Jesus was the very Son of God and therefore had authority to do what He saw fit.  But scriptures do not let us get the idea that this is what He did.  Jesus showed us on many occasions that His power came from the Father because His every intention was on doing His will and bringing Him (the Father) glory.

It was altogether within Christ´s ability to perform any given miracle, but Jesus was not satisfied unless He knew that it came through the will of the Father and its intentions were in lifting God even higher.

This is why it was so important for Jesus to get alone with His heavenly Father.  There are many paradoxes found in the spiritual realm.  A paradox is when our human reason says that things should be a certain way, but we find something completely contrary to be true.  For Jesus, water was wine, sick people could be in perfect health, and death for our Savior was a type of sleeping, where in our minds we can only see it as an end.

The Bible is full of paradoxes and the account of Jesus Christ is marked by a profusion of these instances.  What we are considering here is that these things can, do, and should happen as we find ourselves closer and closer to God the Father.

If we Christians take Jesus as our example, we can easily see this happening.  Jesus seeks God, God takes Him close, whatever part of Jesus´ nature that was human, was filled with the higher nature of the heavenly Father, then as a natural result, amazing things happen.  Paradoxes, miracles and all kinds of wonderful things result from this closeness to and this seeking of the great heart of God.

After spending some moments in the presence of His Father, even the water was able to support Jesus and He walked upon it like it was solid ground. Matthew 14:22-33


We just cannot get our intellects around some things, but we can hold them up to God.  He is some wonderful immense being far greater than our powers of explaining.  But we don´t have to explain something to receive a blessing from it.

To those who would see incredible and out-of-the-world things happen around them, the Way forward is the same as that of Jesus.  Seek out that closeness to God.  Lift Him always higher.

Dear heavenly Father, thank You for sending us Your Son.  Thank You for the gift of a beautiful example to follow.  Now please enable us to press forward and imitate, learn from and receive Your Son in all that He does.  We too would seek to be that close to You.  We too would like to honor You with our humble manner of lifting all things up as an offering to You.  Let Your name be glorified in all Your creation, and as we draw nearer, prepare our hearts for the amazing things we will experience there as a result of being in Your presence.



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