Instructing Them

`and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”  Matthew 28:20 (NIV)

One can see how these words of the risen Christ, could be interpreted to say we need to follow a set of rules.  Perhaps Jesus was telling us that if we follow this pattern or the steps He lined out, then we would be OK.  Like the Old Testament Laws given by Moses, all we got to do is make sure we don´t break the rule.  Like in society, if we don´t get caught breaking the law, we don´t go to jail.

If we wanted to take the words of our Savior to say this, we must then examine those laws which He gave.  Let that be the challenge of each of us today.  Go ahead and take up your Bible and start jotting down.  Make a list of the rules you find.  Pretty soon you start to get the picture.  It is not as simple as not taking something that doesn´t belong to you, or not killing people.

Many people try to argue the importance of Jesus Christ.  They search for some way to tie Him to God and convince their hearts that He should be as important as we know He should be.  But look again.  Jesus never once spoke like you and me.  His words always dove to a level far deeper into our souls.  His purposes floated always higher up into the eternal, and not merely taking care of the moment at hand.

On this subject, no person needs to qualify him or herself to any other human.  No discussion or argument can help. We are all alike and need to convince nobody.  Each of us must take it up sooner or later with One greater.  Preferably; the sooner, the better.

Therefore, as we would encourage, take up that Bible.  Get alone with God.  Ask His opinion before settling for your own.  Seek to have an actual presence of the guiding Spirit.  Look carefully not only at the words, but where would our Lord go with them.  How is He directing those words?  Who is He lifting up and Who is He directing attention towards?

Most certainly very soon we will see that the Son never disconnected ANYTHING from the Father.  He offered every word, work and intention as an offering to please His Father.  Every teaching is directed to make God bigger and bring man closer and more dependent upon Him.  All effort is made to create a bond, a relationship which presides over all else in life.  More than that, it is shown that this is life itself; to be connected so completely with our God.

Dear Jesus, we hear You saying to instruct others in Your ways.  How can we do that if we don´t direct them first to You?  How do we do that if we don´t come first?  Please show us how to bring others into a loving, living relationship with You.  Let Your words burn in their hearts and send the Holy Spirit to whisper to them.  That still, small voice can boom in our ears like no force in all of creation.  Send those showers of blessings of Your sweet Spirit, so that our understandings are opened and we can see clearly just how to devote our complete souls to You.  Give us we pray, this gift today that we may give it to others as You have asked:  Let us lead them into knowing You as we seek to know You!


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