With Us Until the End

`and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”  Matthew 28:20 (NIV)

One of the sweetest and most reassuring texts we could possibly find is this last remark from the book of Matthew.  There are many fears or uncertainties in the Christians walk through life in this world, but this text alone could provide a true follower of Christ sufficient comfort.

Much more than being a pillar to lean on, it should also become for all Christians, an ever increasing desire and goal.  We should seek with all our hearts to be made more aware each and every moment just what the Presence of Jesus with us, can and does mean.

The journey we all face during our walk through life here is a process of going from one place to another.  In contrast to physical places, in the spiritual realm we move from serving ourselves, our own desires, goals and pleasures, and gradually restoring God to the center and most important One.  We learn to serve His desires, to work towards His goals and endeavor to please Him.  The Bible paints it like ridding ourselves of our heart of stone and receiving a heart made of flesh, one that can finally love something other than itself.

As we make this journey from us to Him.  Jesus has made this promise.  He wants us to know that He is with us.  So often we turn religion into something that brings us something.  With all the wonderful promises that have been showered upon us, it is hard to look past ourselves and see that our faith is not merely a means to an end to procure for ourselves all the glorious prizes which are held out for our taking.

The Bible wants us to know that what it has to offer is extremely pleasing stuff indeed.  Our race can have hope of something infinitely better than what we can experience if left to our own ways.  Yet all that religion should be directed to is to restore order again to a greater picture of a realm where all things pleased God and brought Him glory.  The gifts, rewards and promised pleasures to be received all stem from this right(eous) relation of the created to Creator.

Jesus teaches us that much further than rituals and doctrines, our walk is a relationship.  There is an Entity greater than us who has done so much to bring us into a constant and intimate experience.  Human relationships consist of much communication, caring, sharing of emotions and time spent in open heart-to-heart time in each-other´s presence.  With our God things are not different and should be lifted to a higher and more primary position.  We serve the King of Kings, but He has called us family and friends.

Dear Jesus, we hear You calling for us to press forward, to follow Your every word of encouragement.  You have directed us to You and to Your Father.  We would open our ears today with Your help.  Please show us You, the goal set before us to increase this greatest relationship of our lives.  We would walk each day ever closer to You.  Before our eyes we would ask for nothing except the treasures and blessings of sharing with You that most intimate and all-consuming relationship.  As lovers who cannot focus on anything but the one of their heart´s desire, let us fall to abandonment of all else, and pursue this loving relationship with our King.  This was Your command, to seek You and Your kingdom before all else, help us realize that each day with more intensity.  Set us upon our quest right now, to seek this relationship with all its promised bliss.  Thank You for Your reassurance that in this walk, this journey, this quest, our goal is You and You are what You promised.  Be pleased, as we will infinitely be, to be with us until the end of the age.  Then, whatever blossoms from that point, may we rejoice that we will be with the One we love.


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