The Spirit Drove Him

The Spirit immediately drove him out into the wilderness. Mark 1:12 (ESV)

One can almost picture the scene of Jesus rising up out of the water.  The whole moment is charged with emotion and strong conviction.  Jesus and John both are acutely in tune with their hearts supplication to the Living God.  They know and feel the pure intentions and love for the One they are moved to worship and express their humble offering of the heart.  For sure those who witnessed the scene are likewise moved by the deeply felt commitment to God and the reverence of the moment.  As Jesus comes out of the water He is rewarded by the Father with a reassuring voice and the dove of Spirit coming down upon Him.  The water is still dripping from Him as He comes out of the river, but His heart and His thoughts remain there with His Father.  So in tune is He with the God in that moment that the Spirit sends Him off into the wilderness.

It is beautiful and warming to see the scene like this and granted that it is not popular to talk of spirits, but something moved Jesus and it was intelligent and perfectly directed to the Almighty God.  Perhaps more should be written about this mysterious third Person of the Holy Trinity.  The Holy Spirit is pictured in the Bible to have the same authority and power as the Son and the Father.  So why do we not spend the same amount of effort or time to get to know Him?

We would all agree that this Spirit sent down from the Father which came to the Son was a beautiful gift, and we can see that it moved Jesus and directed Him to a place God wanted Him to be.  We claim in words that this Holy Spirit is a personage worthy of our respect and love, but how much of our worship is directed towards being filled with it?

So fully is the doctrine of this third person taught in the scriptures, that every effort should be made on our parts to assure that God´s will for us is accomplished and that each of us are filled and moved powerfully in every moment by this mysterious Spirit.  It is this Spirit which shows us the Father and the Son.  It is the Holy Spirit which comes to us to comfort, to guide, to strengthen and to help.  It is His soft whisper that booms like a thunderstorm inside our souls.  And it is His wisdom that moves us from within, and without Him we can do no pure thought or action.

Dear Jesus, please send us Your Spirit.  We are full of limitations and there are many forces against the bringing of our hearts to You.  The Spirit will be our hope.  He will bring us safely to You.  He will teach us of You and the Father and in Him we will be in You.  Help us overcome our lack of faith and our lack of sight.  Harden our eyes on things unseen.  Let our senses come alive today to welcome and embrace this greatest of all forces in nature.  Be pleased to send and to overflow us with that Spirit now as we realize our dire need for Him.  Let that Spirit be the only force that moves us, because it will move us ever closer to You.


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