Sending Jesus Away

So they began to plead with Jesus to go away from their region.  Mark 5:17 (NWT)


What a poor reaction the townspeople had to the miraculous healing Jesus performed on the afflicted man in the graveyard.  How could there be people so insensitive as to reject the opportunity to find out a little more of this person who says and does such wonderful things.  But apart from the man who had been healed, it seems like nobody else in this region actually wanted more light than what they already had.

Are things so different today?  Would we say that our reaction is any better than that of those unfortunate and naive townspeople?  Does society open up their heart to hear something new and wonderful about the workings of God and pull up a chair to listen?  What about in our church?  Are we really edging in to the very feet of Jesus to hear Him speak to us?  Or have we heard enough and are content with what we already imagine to be the whole picture of Him, His message and His intentions for us?

Unfortunately when we consider our own hearts, we may find many a moment when we turn away from seeking more of Jesus.  Perhaps we have already made our great statement of faith and choice and therefore see no need of searching any further.  Maybe we have already had our token moment of dedication towards Him today, read a few lines in the Bible or prayed a quick prayer.  Whatever the case, if we are not actively seeking His face, listening for His words, and drawing closer to receive more of Him, then we are joining the townsfolk of that region who asked Jesus to leave.

When we look away from Jesus to direct our attention to our all-important issues and pressing matters which we face each day, we are not opening ourselves to receive more of Him.  Maybe we are secretly afraid as they were that if we know too much, then our chosen way of life may be upset.  Those townspeople were scared that something so radical and powerful entering their area would be more change than they were prepared to accept.  Our reaction may be similar in that if we got that close to Jesus, perhaps our comfortable religion or routine may be altered.  We are not too comfortable with the idea of having all our demons leave their graveyard, to let our secret wild indulgences be sent out to the swine and be healed, cleaned and sitting at the feet of our Savior.

From the most religious to the convicted felon, we all need to pull up closer to the Son, and let His miraculous powers heal us today.  There is not one individual on the planet who is safe enough in their region, religion, righteous way of living or lofty ideals that does not need what Jesus has to give us.  There is only one place to receive this healing and that is by approaching Him ourselves.  Whether we realize it or not, we all need to lay down our comfortable way of life and meet Jesus personally.  Only direct contact with this frightfully mind-blowing personality from above will be sufficient in the end.

Dear Jesus, please never let us send You away.  Never let our confidence rest in our professed commitment to You.  Don´t let our hearts sit back in comfort and not actively seek Your presence today.  We could be too similar to those poor folk who missed their opportunity to come to know You and the One You came to restore us to.  We do not want to miss out on any healing or instruction which You might want to bless us with in any given moment.  So set our souls alight with a burning desire to be right there where You are always.


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