Where Jesus Sends

As Jesus was getting into the boat, the man who had been demon-possessed begged to go with him.  Jesus did not let him, but said, “Go home to your own people and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.”  Mark 5:18-19 (TNIV)


When we have finally come to the Lord, turned from living a life bent on our desires and choose to follow, one of the first things that we must deal with is what to do with ourselves.  We have found something of such worth, but now what?  Where do we go?  What should we do?  Do we stay right where we were before?  Do we attempt to climb in the boat with Jesus and go wherever He is going?

There are an unlimited number of questions that confront us and if we were to listen to those around us they would also have an unlimited number of answers for us.  But we just found our adjustment to and our need for One from a higher place and therefore we cannot seek our answers by looking at even the closest friend or most well-intended human councilor.  We must go to God.

Perhaps the worst lesson we may teach inside of Christianity is where to look for our answers.  Many a well-studied or more refined Christian will usher us down their preferred path of excellence and show us what the Lord would have of us.  But Christ is here, the Father is here and the Holy Spirit has been sent out to guide us to Them.  So rather than turning to men for our direction, we would do well to begin by seeking the Lord´s word first-hand, and hearing His voice as He instructs each one personally.

We do not need to be instructed how to follow a particular line of teaching, we do not need to be drawn into a well-defined manner of worship or living.  What we need is Jesus Himself.  When He climbed into that boat that day, the cleansed man wanted to join Him.  But Jesus knows that the flesh is only temporary and that if the spirits were together, they work towards the same goal.  Our goal is to honor the Father and meet up together at His feet.

Jesus sent that man home and did not let him accompany Him physically as others who were in the boat.  Rather Jesus pointed out that where He wanted the man to go, was to his own family and people.  Jesus knew that after all that had been done for that man, the best thing for him was sharing those blessings with people who could appreciate and see that change.  But the choice of how to follow or where to share was, and should always be His.

Therefore when we teach our brothers or sisters, we might want to keep this in mind.  Point those we are concerned for towards the Father and the Son.  Encourage others to approach the Lord.  Preach and teach prayer, filling, relationship and love.  The God we worship is big enough and alive enough still, to direct each of us where He would have us go.

Dear Lord, a healing is coming to us and our love for You is sparked to life.  There is no place we want to be but with You.  But we will go where You would have us.  Say the word and we will climb up into the boat with You.  But if You see it better to send us home to those who knew what we were like before, or anywhere else, we will go with a smile.   Just let us hear Your voice and not that of another.  If you send us anywhere, it is because You know that is where we should go and that You will be there also.  To You be the glory forever.


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