Just to Touch Jesus´ Clothes

For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole.  Mark 5:28 (KJV)

Cancer took him from us, but he had the love of Jesus flowing strong in his veins.  His healing is his reaching out and  touching his God.
Laurie Sparrow:  Cancer took him from us, but he had the love of Jesus flowing in him. His healing is his reaching out to touch his God.

Doesn´t the story of the suffering woman who wanted to touch Jesus´ clothes seem to depict us today?  Haven´t we all felt the pain of living in a world separated from our place with God and struggled with our own need of real healing?  Do we not consult this doctor´s recommendation or go to listen to the next one for a second opinion?  Perhaps we have found a certain clinic where the treatments serve to alleviate somewhat our bleeding and our need for the definitive cure.  But for the most part, we go through life spending our time and savings and never really rid ourselves of that disease that afflicts our souls and leaves us in constant pain.

Like the woman in the story, we might realize that the only thing that can truly heal what ails us is to get near to Jesus.  Those of us, who are genuine enough to face up to our terminal illness, might want to take some real action.  We may have to fight through the crowd to get to Him, but at least we know that the suffering will end for those who do.  We may be seeing this doctor or that and we might have already started treatment.  But we know deep down inside that unless we reach close enough to Jesus to actually touch His cloak, our suffering will not end.  If we don´t make that contact, our illness will still be with us and will bring us to our grave in the end.

Therefore it will not be enough for us to just move along with the crowd.  We may see some amazing things by being in the company of those who follow Jesus, but what we need is to be healed.  We need to touch Him.  We need to feel His power flow directly from Him and into us.  We need that rush of realizing that our sickness has been covered and that the new being that is restored is one which lives to the glory of the One who heals us.

So let us fight off any thought or fear of what else might occur to us the moment we do touch the material which covers our Lord.  For sure we will be changed by the experience.  The sickness and decay will not remain where His power flows.  The lives we have held to so desperately might forever be altered.  So we better be sure we want that kind of healing.  But for the glory of the One who was sent into our midst to bring this healing to us, we will press forward.  We must fight off the false security that our former physicians and treatments may try to provide.  We need to get past all that and into His presence.  Someone may notice what we do, but by the time we have reached Him and felt that material, the power He has will have already had the time to work its wonder of healing within us.

Dear Jesus, we have suffered long and hard under the care of the world and treatments we find here.  There is only One doctor who can save us from the disease which afflicts us and threatens our lives.  Bring an acute awareness of our terminal illness now while there is still time.  The crowd may be pressing but we pray for determination to make it through any obstacle or past anyone who would have us stop short of reaching You and touching that what covers You.  Let our only thought be of the blessed relief we will feel when Your power flows into us and stops that sickness that had inflicted us for so long. 


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