Who Touched Jesus?

At once Jesus realized that power had gone out from him.  He turned around in the crowd and asked, “Who touched my clothes?”  Mark 5:30 (TNIV)

It may be difficult for us to understand the mysterious force Jesus mentions that flowed out of Him and healed the ailing woman.  We could speculate and attempt to dispute our theories of spiritual powers, as if we were experts on the subject.  But there is coming a day when things will be uncovered and our poor natural state will not be able to contain the size and amazement of the discoveries that will bombard our senses.

Considering these mysteries and wonders may work for us a beneficial state of submission and curiosity for things Divine.  But it may be far more important to focus upon our reaction to them over their existence or properties.  That this power from God exists and is more forceful than all other forces in nature should go without saying, but it is our adjustment to its existence that would place us in a good light or poor one.

Jesus immediately turned around even as the crowd pressed in on every side.  His disciples could not believe He was asking such a question.  It could have been anybody.  But Jesus had felt that somebody had needed what He had.  He knew when that power inside of Him reached out to the needy and cured them of their pain.  Mysterious it may seem to us, but for our Lord it is natural.  The kingdom and realm where He came from, runs by these forces.  Something unimaginably powerful that Jesus has is given and does flow out to those who truly see their need for Him and draw close enough to touch Him.

Once again, looking past the constitutional make up, and realizing our need for this mysterious force or power that Jesus has, just might be one of the most crucial things we ever do.  Our spiritual health depends upon it as does our eternal future.  These are pretty big things and therefore nothing to neither scoff at nor brush off lightly.  What Jesus has is what heals us.  What Jesus gives is what sustains us.  What He can pass over into our souls is what changes us from what we were without Him and gives us real life.  That life that He has to share is inconceivably powerful and everlasting.

Dear Jesus, give us strength, determination and will to press our way through the crowd.  We would draw close enough to You to touch You today.  Let nothing stand in our way.  We have begun to realize our disease and our need for what You have, and what You mean to us.  We may not understand what Your power is made of nor its mysterious ways, but we would seek its healing in us more than life itself.  We know in our hearts that we can only receive it from You, and that there is no other place to go.  So we come, with our hearts in our hands and our heads bowed to You.  Please let us touch even the tiniest part of Your covering and receive that what You have to share with us.  May it please You to know that You were needed that much and that we seek You that intently and strive to draw that close to You.


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