Then he said to them, “Whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me. For he who is least among you all–he is the greatest.”  Luke 9:48 (NIV)

Jesus finds His followers getting side-tracked on an issue.  Is He forever doing that?  They are focusing on how they stack up in relation to one another.  To pull their attention back where it belongs on the Lord, He takes a small child.  Can we just see Him pull the child close?  As He lays His hand on the youngster He shares that this is the Way should be.  Is He helping us understand an important lesson of love?  Would we be filled with the same spirit of love that Jesus has, if we let our hearts go out to others?  Would this same filling draw us closer in relation to our Savior?  Would receiving others in sincerity and care, bring not only souls together, but nearer to the heart of our Lord too?  Does it warm us just to think of it?  Can we sense a strengthening of our bond to our Heavenly Father when we love those around us?

By drawing our attentions to the intentions of our heart, did Jesus slice right through to the core of our problem?   Do we all struggle with where we stand with the next guy?  Can we be ashamed of ever wondering of our standings in God´s Kingdom?  When the Disciples then tell Jesus that they tried to stop another from healing in the name of Jesus, what did Jesus say?  Does it follow in the same accord?  Does it really matter who we are or which crowd we belong to if we are honestly seeking the Savior Jesus Christ?  Should our hearts all be molded after the same model?  Are we connected with the same Spirit as long as we look to Him first?

Could our problems arise when we let too much of ourselves enter into our thoughts and our hearts?  Is this when we go astray?  When we start looking to compare with the other guy, do we lose sight of our Lord?  Could it be ever so important that we return quickly the gaze not only of our eyes, but of our souls to Jesus?  Could letting our love and care embrace those around us be a sign that we are honestly listening to Him?  Are we showing that we love Him?  Is it this love that we find in our relationship with our Lord, what overflows out to all God´s children everywhere?

Has Jesus set for us a good example to follow?  Was His life on earth and His death entirely full of expressions of compassion and love?  Have we any other expression more pure and intense?  In drawing our attention to the leaning of our hearts, is Jesus giving us a challenge today?  Would He have us seeking this same Spirit of love?  Would our world be a better place if more people were letting their hearts go out to one another?  Can we use this moment to take a close look where our heart is?  Are we demonstrating that the love of God is moving us?  Are we caring for those around?  Those special people who do love others, are they close to the Lord even when they are unaware of it?  Can we seek that Spirit now?

Dear Jesus, take us by the hand.  Lead us forward in awareness of You.  In You there is nothing but love.  If we can get close enough to You, will that same love fill us?  Will it draw us together?  Will it overflow and pour out to those around?  Will it connect us somehow to the Father to be filled to overflowing with a Spirit of Love?  Pour that kind of love out on us today!



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