A Man Who….

Now there was a man named Joseph, a member of the Council, a good and upright man, who had not consented to their decision and action. He came from the Judean town of Arimathea and he was waiting for the kingdom of God.  Luke23:50-51 (NIV)

What description do people use to describe us with?  If someone were to write a short paragraph to tell of who we are, what would they say?  Jesus has been crucified.  He was wrongly incriminated, convicted and horribly executed.  Those who look to Christ in hope are powerless against the force of this world´s hateful treatment of the Son of God.  They are scattered or forced into observing how evil and cruel others can be with our Saviour.  Yet as the sun sets on the scene of the cross, there appears this one man.  Only a few words are written to describe him.  Could his description fit us as well?

Joseph was involved in his church.  He is called a good man.  He is called upright.  It is said that he was not happy with the actions and decisions of his peers.  He did not like the way men treat Jesus Christ.  His heritage was of a people who wore the name of the Lord.  But what about these last words that are used to describe him?  They say he was waiting for the Kingdom of God!  What kind of person is that?  How would people know?  Would this be something that people just say?  Or is it something that controls all a person says and does?  Would it be a motivating factor in how a person lives their lives?  Would it describe the way a person interacts with all those around him or her each day?  Does it turn everything into an act of worship?  Does it guide the person who lives in such a way to seek the Lord in absolutely every Way possible to them?  Could this be said about many of us living today?

This man asked for the body of Christ.  He tenderly cared for it and found a good place for it.  Not much more is written about this man from Arimathea.  But is the account of what he did for our Lord marked down in history for us?  Do his description and his care serve for us over these generations as a role model?  Can we learn something about how our hearts should be?  Would we like to have some of his qualities in us too?  If someone were to define us, would we love for them to be able to say of us that we were people who were waiting for the Kingdom of God?  Or are we happy enough with the kingdoms we already have.

Dear Jesus, we find it amazing that the Holy Scriptures pour out amazing instruction to us in all kinds of ways.  We hear of men and women we could choose to be like and those that we would not like to resemble.  Please help us to choose wisely.  Help us to be like those who are said to be waiting for the Kingdom of Heaven.  Do not let us get too content with the one where we now live.  Help us to set our eyes and our hearts on You!  Help us to look for the movement of the Lord in every moment!  Let everything we do while we are here in this life be tainted by the fact that we are yearning for You and Your Kingdom to come!


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