In their fright the women bowed down with their faces to the ground, but the men said to them, “Why do you look for the living among the dead?’  Luke 24:5 (NIV)

It is the morning of the third day.  The women who love Him go to care for Jesus´ body.  But they are startled when they find He is not in His tomb.  Instead they find two men that it is said were clothed with something shining brightly.  Would this be a good way to describe an angel?  Is it possible that the messengers who come from the Presence of God would reflect His brilliance and light?  More importantly, would the message itself that they bring; shine a piercing light for us still today?  Could it bring us like those women to our knees?  Could it help bring us right to Jesus?

“Why do you look for the living among the dead?”

As we stand today in these important final hours, do we stop to think on these words?  What message does the Lord send us through them?  How are we reading them now?  In the day that they were spoken first, the meaning was clear.  But did it still take the women time for it to dawn upon them?  Will it take us much time to digest it now in our day?  Are we even listening to the messengers of God as they try to get an important point across to us?  Just how are we going to react right now?

Does the question demand an answer?  Does it make us take a look at where we are searching?  Does it make us focus our attention on our faith?  Is the message sent to us today asking us whelither or not we believe in a living being?  Does it make us consider how much of our faith is placed upon One Who is alive?  Do we realize that He is moving?  Is He intimately near to us?  Or are we content with theology?  Do we have a fine philosophy?  Do we have comfortable rituals?  Are our beliefs pleasing enough to us?  Are we happy with the past decisions we have made over God?

Is it possible that even now after all this time, the immortal message of God´s messengers can burn within our hearts?  Can it work a new miracle of faith within us today?  Can our understandings wake to a new dawn of realization?  Can we open our eyes to see that the Lord is alive?  Can it dawn upon us that He is moving around us now?  Could we search to see Him and what He is up to?  Can we move past pleasing doctrines?  Can we get up off our bed of cold words written in print?  Can we proceed beyond ideas locked away in ancient history?  Can the word of God come alive to us still?  Will we let them speak to us?  Will we let God´s messages open our eyes today?  Will we let them bring us into His very Presence right now?

Dear Lord, are Your words eternal?  Are they speaking to us now?  Are You trying to show us where our faith is on something that is not alive?  Are You trying to wake our spirits to seek a Living God?  Should we be looking for Someone Who Is near?  Should we concentrate our faith upon a relationship with the One Who Is Risen?  Should we expect to see Your movements?  Should we be hearing Your voice?  Should we be experiencing more of a love affair today with the One Who saves us?  Please speak to our hearts now.  Give weight to Your message.  Help our souls to look for You among the living!  Do not let us continue to look for You among the dead!


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