As they talked and discussed these things with each other, Jesus himself came up and walked along with them; but they were kept from recognizing him.  Luke 24:15-16 (NIV)

People are saying that Jesus has risen.  Is it hard to believe?  We have had to walk through some amazing discoveries in our faith as we listen to and learn from Him.  But has anything prepared us for this great hurdle?  His followers woke up that third morning with their hearts still in confusion.  Do the discoveries and tidings we hear about His empty tomb, of angels and resurrection seem too good to be true?  The women were told by messengers of the Lord.  Peter ran and saw the clothes that had bound His body.  Is this the most incredible news we could ever hear?  But deep in our hearts, is there still something which keeps us from recognizing?  Is there a veil that hides the truth from us?  If we were to somehow make this great realization, would everything suddenly change?  If we could somehow wake from our slumber and numbness, would the knowledge of Jesus being alive and with God, change our whole outlook on life?

On that day two of them were walking down the road.  Jesus joined them as they walked and began questioning them.  But they were somehow kept from recognizing Him.  Could this be our problem too?  Do we busy ourselves with coming here or going there?  Do we wonder and speculate together?  Does Jesus need to come and walk with us?  Does He have to rebuke us for being so slow to learn?  Does the risen Saviour need to somehow open our eyes to the fact that He is Alive?  Does He need to show us personally that He is here amongst us?  It is true that Jesus has gone to sit at the Father´s side.  Do we think of Heaven as some distant place?  Did Jesus not tell us of the closeness of God?  Was that His first and most urgent message to give us?  Should we not realize that He is far closer than we can imagine?

How long should we go on looking in empty tombs?  How long shall we go about our business?  How long will we walk with our hearts far from realizing that Jesus is not a theory?  Where can and where do we go to learn this vital, life-changing truth?  When will it dawn upon us that He is not some great doctrine?  When will we wake up and realize that He is living?  How long will we go in not realizing that He sees our every move?  Can we not see that He knows our every thought?  Are we so slow to understand that He is aware of all the yearnings and desires of our hearts?  How long will we refuse to accept the fact of His Presence here with us?  Are we going to keep going about our own ways?  Are we going to hold the Lord off in fine theology and distant ideals?  Will we keep on worshipping in the moments which are convenient to us then immediately return to our lives as if He were not really near us?  What is it going to take for us to recognize He is alive and here right now?

Dear Jesus, we look at those who were there the day You rose from the dead.  We judge them for their slowness to realize You and Your resurrection.  But how are we being slow today?  What is it that we are not realizing now?  Are You near to us today?  Are You walking with us now?  Please remove the veil that keeps us from seeing and realizing You!  Let us hear Your voice and Your instruction right now!  Let us drop our disbelief and slowness to learn and wake up to Your Presence in our lives!  Come!  Walk with us!  And open our eyes and our hearts today we pray!


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