Opening Eyes

Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him, and he disappeared from their sight.  They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?”  Luke 24:31-32 (NIV)

After the Son of God had fulfilled what was written should come to pass, on the third morning He stopped following the laws of nature that bind us in our universe.  He rose from the grave.  Are we too familiar with the world we were born into and these laws that govern what can and should happen?  Is it terribly difficult for us to consider that there are other consequences and possibilities?  Do we struggle to understand how on earth Jesus could rise up from the dead?  Is this one of the great improbabilities we must overcome when we put our faith in the Lord?  Is it something that many people today simple cannot believe?  Is it something that many more still strive to comprehend?  Are we divided in our hearts?  Is there a part of us which still resists the thought?  Is there something which remains like a veil within our souls and prohibits us from seeing the reality of Christ´s power over death?  Is it because there is nothing we can learn or experience here which shows us that it is in fact an authority that He does have?

Before Jesus officially appeared to the Disciples and His followers, we find this story of two travelers.  They are joined in their journey by a mysterious Man.  Does He seem unaware of why all the people are all dismayed at what had happened to Jesus?  Does He rebuke them for not leaving room in their hearts for the words of the Lord to come true?  Does He have to walk them through it all again?  Does He have to patiently open the Scriptures to them to help them see that all these incredible things had to happen just as they were foretold?  When He spoke to God to bless the bread, is that when the eyes of the men were opened?  Did it happen after they had walked with Him for some time?  Did they realize that it was Jesus Who was really with them after they had urged Him to stay with them?  Was it after they had truly listened to Him that they saw He had truly returned from the grave?

Once the realization of the Presence of Jesus has dawned upon men, do they remember a burning within their hearts?  Do we realize that His words glow with a supernatural warmth within our souls?  Have we felt that?  Are we feeling it now?  If we have not awakened to an awareness of the living Son of God, what do we think we should do?  If we have not experience His Presence, could we do some of the things these men did in our story?  Could we first try to walk along with Him for some time?  Should we open our ears to hear what He is saying?  If we would like to know Him and that He lives, could we invite Him in to be together with us today?  Would we like Him to eat with us and spend even the common moments with us?  Can we examine our souls to see if we hear His words burning like embers deep inside?  Could we ask Him to pray to the Father on our behalf?  Would we like to experience that kind of moment of closeness with a Power which is not from this world?

Dear Jesus, open our eyes!  Open our hearts!  Let us see that what we are considering in You is not from this world!  Let us know and understand that You have power and authority in ways we still cannot imagine!  Help us wake up to a realization of You today!  Show us You are here!  Show us You are alive!  Fan those flames that burn inside of us when we hear Your words!  Bless us with Your Presence today we pray!


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