Opening Minds

Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures.  Luke 24:45 (NIV)

People are finding it difficult to understand vital truths about Jesus Christ.  We look to our understanding of the world around us.  We look to what we know and trust.  But has God forever been telling us that there is more than what we see?  Does He always try to help us to grasp that He is bigger and more powerful than we can imagine?  Where we see limits, laws and controls, does He say that those were important for our earthly existence?  But at the same time does He tell us that our entire universe along with all that we know was made possible by Him?  Does He give us reason to believe that He is working on an even grander scale?  Has He more than hinted to the fact that any being which comes into contact with Him will be astounded and amazed by what they experience of Him?

Jesus appears to His Disciples after they had seen Him crucified.  They all knew His lifeless body had been place in a grave.  Now they struggle to grasp how it could be that Jesus is alive and before them now.  So in hope, happiness and confusion we struggle to comprehend.  So our Teacher must help us even further.  Luke states that Jesus opened their minds.  He says that our Saviour enables men to understand the Scriptures.  There is a lot of good, up-building instruction within the Bible, but do we really understand it?  Are there vital points which we still struggle with?  Are we finding it difficult to see that Jesus is communicating to us right now?  Are we aware of our unbelief?  Is doubt clouding our minds so that we cannot see that we are not acting as if Jesus is alive and present today?

How long will we go on acting as if what we see is all there is?  How long must we continue expecting normal things to happen?  How much longer will we go on without realizing that the entire Bible is directing us to a God which is Alive and before us now?  When will we wake up to the fact that One we cannot see is here with us and sees our every thought and intention?  Do we still need for our minds to be opened?  Is there a great part of the Bible that we still do not understand?  Is it placing us before Him now?  Is it making Him real to us?  Are we learning of Him every day?  Is it strengthening our relationship with Him?  Is there a bond growing between us at the moment?  Do we wake up every day with the excitement of knowing a little more of Him?  Is there a fire alive within us to be closer all the time?

Could we afford to let the Lord open our minds a little more today?  Are there still many more thrilling things of our God to be discovered?  What would happen with our relationship with God if we were to bow again before Him?  Would He open our minds a little more if we ask Him?  Would He open our understandings even further so that we could be blown away by what we learn of Him right now?  Are we willing to give Him the chance?

Dear Jesus, You did it for others and we are still riding the wave of influence that their testimony brought.  You opened the minds of Your Followers and they went on to tell the world what they learned of You.  Now hear our inquiries.  Hear our cries for enlightenment.  Please open our hearts and our minds to receive You!  Open the Scriptures and Your urgings to us!  Let them bring us into the very Presence of God!  Let us realize that it is You Who are speaking to us now!   Let us know You are working on grand things!  Help us to forget what we know of how things work here and set our hope on what You can reveal to us now!  Please dear Lord, open our minds to You and Your words today!


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