What Jesus Sends

‘I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high.”  Luke 24:49 (NIV)

Jesus taught us many secrets of the Spiritual Kingdom He is from.  He worked hard to show us what it is like in the realms where our God lives.  Yet after He demonstrated His power over the grave and He returned to His people, do we find Him going deep into further truths?  Or does He just seem to touch on some key points?  Here in Luke Christ simply states that what was written of Him would be completed.  He had to suffer, die, and be raised to life.  All the people of the world would hear of His name.  Repentance from our separation with God is necessary and that we can find forgiveness in Him.  Then He gives us one extra point.  What does it speak to us who are living now?  He says that He will send us what was promised by God.  What is it?  What is this that will clothe us from on High?

Are we tempted to just blurt out that Jesus was referring to the Holy Spirit?  Is it easy for us to say that and then stop thinking about it?  Or do we stop to contemplate where He was going with this short but important point He makes as He is finishing His mission here on earth?  Do we take His words and try to let them reach the very center of our being?  Would we like to have His instruction go that deep within us today?  What is it that He is trying to get across to us now?  What does He have that would mean a world of difference within our hearts at this very moment?  If He is taking the time now to bring our attention to this Holy Spirit, what can that mean for us?  Is He speaking of merely a good, confident feeling that will come over us?  He takes the time to repeat Himself and the promise of this gift from God, but do we think He is merely referring to a strong faith in the Lord?  Or is He holding out to us something bigger still?

Is it possible that this powerful gift which He will send to those who truly wait for it, is none other than a living part of a mysterious yet glorious God?  Is the Holy Spirit far more than a sensation, conviction or feeling?  Is He something which has the ability to fill us in ways which we can still not imagine?  Would He be something which is alive, intelligent and inseparable from God the Father?  Would it be an actual gift of God which is able to enter into our hearts and souls and live inside of us?  Can the Divine actually dwell in some form in us today?  Would that bring our hearts in tune with God´s?  Would an actual part of the Holy Godhead inside of us be able to teach us in powerful ways?  Would it be able to show us the wonder of the Father and the Son?  Would it strengthen us against focusing too much on our familiar surroundings?  Would it fill us with love and light?  Would it be so strong as to move us to seek and find more and more of the Lord each day?  Would it live closer than our skin?  Would it be in nature, not a natural part of us, but something the Lord places within us?  Would it be a bonding, a filling of His nature within us?  Would it help us and guide us in all that we could possibly do?  Could it be that vital to us?  Is this a Gift which we are seeking now?

Dear Jesus, send us what is promised!  Let us not limit or define that Gift!  Let us not leave the Holy City until we have that power from on High inside of us!  We may not know now all that it can mean for our lives, but if it comes from God, than let us yearn for it today!


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