After Experiencing God

While he was blessing them, he left them and was taken up into heaven.  Then they worshiped him and returned to Jerusalem with great joy.  Luke 24:51:52 (NIV)

By now have the followers of Jesus had sufficient time for it to sink in to them that they were in the Presence of a Divine Being?  How many wonders have they heard and seen?  What amazing teachings have they learned?  Has the Son of God worked hard to care for their budding faith?  Has He shown by example and demonstration where real power and authority come from?  Has He been successful in revealing the love and closeness of God´s shinning Kingdom?  As His ministry and physical walk on earth came to a close, He was taken up to Heaven before their eyes.  What kind of sensation do we think came over those close enough to witness Him?  What effect did it have on their lives?  More importantly, what effect does it have on ours?  Have we lived through the same discoveries ourselves?  Now that He is by His Father´s side, how are we reacting?  What sensation has overcome us by what we have experienced of Him?

The Disciples returned to Jerusalem with great joy.  They went to the temple.  They praised and worshipped the Lord.  They had experienced so many wonderful things that they were moved.  Their lives were no longer their own.  Their hearts belonged fully to God.  No more were they devoted to seeking their own comfort.  No longer were they content seeking their own advancement in life.  Did they just need to be near their God?  Were their hearts still burning inside of them with an intense glow?  A person who leaps from an airplane with a parachute may feel a rush of adrenaline which can take hours to subside.  When a person comes into contact with the Presence of God, does the same sort of thing happen?  Does our soul race within us?  Do our spirits soar?  Does it take time to come down from the “high” that our encounter brings?  Does it affect the Way we react to the world around us?  Does it drive us to seek Him further?  Are we moved to give the Lord any amount of time, care or dedication?  Do we just find we need to be by His side again?

Now that we have had time to draw near to the Lord in spirit, what have we felt deep inside?  As we contemplate the teaching and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, have we sensed His Presence?  Have we opened ourselves sufficiently enough to where He could impress upon us a real encounter?  What do we note deep in our souls right now?  If we have met the Lord in an actual Way, are we moved to fan that glowing ember inside that was left by our experience?  Are we moved to praise the Lord?  If we haven´t got enough of Him through what we have learned or felt so far, will we make all effort to receive a little more?  If we haven´t detected any significant change, is it a sign of how near to the Lord we really have come?  Whether we are on fire inside or if we have not experienced enough, could our direction be similar?  Could we make all effort and all haste to worship Him?  Can we find a place in our hearts to go where we know we will be sure to find Him today?

Dear Lord, whatever our experience of You possibly is, you leave us undone.  We need more of You!  Please draw us close in real experience.  Make those moments in Your Presence burn within us!  Leave us so moved by our encounter with You that we can only worship You more!  If we have found a little of You or experienced much, let it drive us harder after You!  Fan our faith into a flame burning strong and bright for You!  But make Your Presence real to us always!  Place us where You are to be found!  Fill us!  Thrill us!  Let us live out our days we pray, worshipping God in the afterglow of our experience with You!


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