The Word Of God

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  John 1:1 (NIV)

Is there a God?  Do we truly ask ourselves this question?  Are we able to contemplate Him now?  As we steal a moment from our day, do we realize that the world around us does not take this time?  Do even many Christians profess their faith, but fail to bring themselves to inquiry?  Do we shy away from scrutiny?  Is it safer not to say what we truly believe?  Are we scared to find out what might be revealed if our hearts and our eyes are opened?  If the veil that separates us from seeing God were to be lifted, and we could see ourselves without excuse in His very Presence, would we find ourselves dangerously far from His wishes for us?  Is this why we prefer to put off digging too deep into spiritual matters?  Is it easier on our conscious not to think too hard on Who God is?  Is it more comfortable not to think of where we stand with Him right now?  Laying aside our convictions, are we afraid to know just how close we are in spirit?  How intimate is our relationship?  Do we think that by not taking the time to learn of Him and what He wants from us, we may gain some peace of mind for the moment?

John begins our experience with Jesus with this description of how things were before our earth began.  Is he trying to give us a literal description?  Or is he trying to help us adjust to the fact that Who and What God is in substance may be bigger than our frail imaginings?  Is he trying to bring us to a well that has not yet been fathomed?  Is he drawing our attention to One so great that a lifetime of learning will still leave us with much to be discovered?  Is it possible that even the wisest and most learned scholars haven´t scratched the surface of the Wonder that Is our God?  Could He be grander and deeper than all the books in the world could possibly describe even if they were all lumped together?  Just what is John hinting towards?  Is he reducing the Lord in any way?  Is he limiting Jesus to our verbal abilities?  Can God be held back or made smaller by our languages or tongues?  Could He be made less or weakened by our lack of faith or belief?  Can we imagine Him out of existence merely because we are powerless to perceive Him?  Is God that small?

Dear Lord, we come before You today to take another look.  Impress upon us now if we are making big our powers of reason.  Let us know if You are grander than what we may try to picture You as.  Open our eyes to see if distance stands between us!  Let us know if it is mental, physical, spiritual or perhaps even deeper still!  Then begin to teach us of yet another wonder of Who You Are and what You are like!  Teach us and guide us into an understanding and into a love affair with You as You surprise us daily with Your Presence and might!


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