The Light

In him was life, and that life was the light of men.  The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.  John 1:4-5 (NIV)

What mysterious power does God have that men need?  Why do people search to know more about Him? Do we wonder?   Or have we outgrown the thought of a God outright?  Are we so smart now that we don´t need to consider an intelligence greater than our own?  Did John. The author of this epistle, understand something of this mysterious wonder which came to dwell amongst us?  From his experience of Jesus, was he further illuminated into the marvels of the Lord?  From what he witnessed and heard, were his eyes opened?  Did his heart have an optimum opportunity to bond with the great heart of God?  Was he closer in spirit and have a special love for Jesus Christ?  If so, then what is this Light of which he speaks?  Would it help us to find this light?  Are we curious enough to try to step into it?

If God truly exists, should we think that it would be a worthy trait for Him to be grander than our ability to capture?  If there Is a Being powerful enough to create all that we know, should we expect to be continually surprised and amazed as we find fuller revelations of Him?  Could these discoveries be considered enlightenments?  As we experience more are we drawn into fuller light?  Would this Light be intense and penetrating?  Would it drive away the darkness as we drew closer to Him?  Was John calling the Son of God light itself?  Did he know that the Christ would be essential to all mankind?  Did he know we would need Jesus so that we could come back to our God?  In speaking such of the Son of Man, does Jesus become necessary to our eternal health?  Do we see that we will need to come to terms with Him deep within our own souls?  Rather than being a cold decision we make, will we need to dig deep within our hearts and open them to finding this essential Light?  Should we make every effort to have this illumination grow within us until our hearts are alight with the Love of God?

Do we think that right now would be the best moment for us to take a good hard look at what is really happening on an eternal scale?  Could the state of our heart in this instant mean the difference of millions of variables which may or may not be beneficial to us and others for all eternity?  Or would we prefer to push off the thought for another day?  Would we like to ignore the Light Jesus might be trying to infuse within us now?  Do we think there will be a more appropriate moment later?  Are we sure there will be another moment?  Or is the most important question for all eternity the one of how close we are to Him right now?  Should our most dire urgency be to be filled with His Light and His Love right here, right now?

Dear Jesus, please open our hearts, our minds, and our souls today.  Make us ready to receive the Light You would fill us with.  Enable us to be enlightened with the discoveries of the Almighty God!  Shine Your Light in a Way that we are drawn closer each moment to You and our Home with God!  Without You we find ourselves in darkness.  Darkness does not understand.  So help us to understand.  Then Light will be ours!


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