A Man Sent

There came a man who was sent from God; his name was John.  John 1:6 (NIV)

Our book starts with a reference to light.  The author seems to be directing our sight not on facts or theories.  Does it seem He wants us to be aware of a different kind of illumination?  Instead of strong convictions or correct doctrines, does he seem to point us to powers and entities which are not seen in the usual ways?  Are we directed deep within to Beings which are not limited to our five familiar senses and the usual way we use them to detect things?  Does He point us Heavenward?  Are we made to consider God?  Must we look up in wonder?  Could our imaginations run wild as we stretch ourselves to attempt to encompass the Lord Who is without limits?  Does John give us this hope as he makes reference to a messenger who was sent to us?  From this short description do we find a special treasure?  His name is mentioned but do we find the greatest delight to be in the fact that he was said to have been sent to our world by God?

What do we know about this man John the Baptist?  Have we taken the time to look at his story?  Does it help us to familiarize ourselves with his life and his work?  More importantly, are we open to hear his message?  Do we examine it and apply it to our lives?  Do we keep it current and vital?  Is it like the helping hand of an intimate friend?  Does it accompany us through each day as we walk through this life?  If John was truly sent from God, does that mean that what he has to say to us may very well prepare us to meet the promised Saviour?  Have we truly listened to hear his voice and his message and allow it to feed our souls?  Or are we content to let his work help other people in another time and situation than ours?  Are his efforts, work and obedience to his mission wasted on us?  Do we truly think that we can be prepared to receive Jesus Christ if we have not first been made ready by the work and testimony of the Holy Spirit through the one who was to come first?

What do the Scriptures say that John the Baptist was sent to do?  Was he sent to testify to a mighty work of God?  Was he sent to tell us God was actively working out His plan to restore His lost people to Him?  Was he sent to give us an important message concerning Jesus Christ?  Did he want us to understand that something was happening that most of the world would not quite understand?  Was he testifying to the fact that hearts needed to be ready to receive the Son of God?  Was his cry in the wilderness a plea that we stop in our tracks and look away from our world?  Was he desperate in his attempt to help us understand that something wonderful and mysterious would soon come to us?  Did he try to help us see that our souls needed to be opened to receive an awareness of the love, care and workings of God in a very real Way?  Was he letting us know of a Presence of Someone greater than he that would soon be here with us?  Was he preparing a path in our hearts so that we could welcome Jesus in?  Is his message for us?

Dear Father in Heaven, thank You for sending someone to carry Your message to us.  Please help us not to miss this first step in drawing near to You.  There is much we need to learn, but if our hearts are not truly ready to receive, what good can possibly come?  Open us to hear the voice of those who would direct us not to our ways or those of the world we live in.  Prepare us to receive insight for those who would like to find the Light.  Prepare our hearts for finding Christ in a real way today!


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