Not Receiving

He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him.  He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.  John 1:10-11 (NIV)

Referring to the Son of God coming here into our world, Scriptures say that the world did not recognize Him.  Christ came to His very own people, yet they did not receive Him.  John´s description here fits the reaction people had when Jesus walked amongst us in the flesh.  But are we going to lock the word of God away in ancient history?  Will we remove its healing power from us today?  Or shall we open our ears as if the words were spoken for us?  Shall we listen to see if there is a lesson there for us today?  Can we look around ourselves and at our own situation now?  Religion is great, but if it does not sink in below the skin what good does it really do?  What benefit do we reap from correct doctrine?  What improvement comes from strong convictions and firm declarations?  If we cannot digest what we learn and live it out in real experience, than what is all this news of God and Jesus good for?  If it doesn´t actually bring us together and into God´s Presence, is it just a waste?

Is it possible that we can have all the facts laid out before us and still not get the point?  Could we learn all the theories and doctrines of the church of God, yet somehow miss the point that He is present here and now?  How often do we look to all the religious rituals and beliefs, and fail to realize the actual Presence of God?  If we walk down the street with a friend, it is easy to remember that this person is with us.  But as we walk down the same street with God Who we do not see, do we often do so without any conscious awareness that He is there with us?  Are we doing this daily as we walk through this life here on earth?

As we read of a people who failed to recognize the significance of Jesus Christ, can we let the point reach us too?  Can we use their example to brace us from making the same mistake?  Would we be better off to step with caution and accept incrimination now?  Would we stand to see if there are any errors now while we have a chance to change?  Others failed to receive the true Christ because they were too sure of their beliefs?  Some found Jesus because they were open to the power and the wonders that God Is and does beyond what we already know and believe.  Which people do we resemble?  Are we one of those who miss receiving the Son of God?  Or are we going to believe in the impossible?  Are we going to look to see the mighty arm of God at work in our lifetimes?  Can we still today receive a living and personal Saviour?  Are we ready to enter the experience of our lifetime?  Would we like to meet the Lord?  Or are we comfortable where we stand?  Are we looking to receive the Living God?  Or are we not receiving Jesus because we do not recognize His Presence today?

Dear Jesus, we hope that it is evident that we are searching deep in our hearts to know You.  Are we making ourselves available to receive You?  Please open our hearts and souls to a renewed relationship with a living, loving Creator, Saviour and God!  Let us not miss finding You for the world!


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