Right To Be Children

Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.  John 1:12 (NIV)

As we consider truly knowing the Son of God in a real Way, should we stop also to consider what is involved?  What does it mean to receive Him?  Can we water it down to mean that it is simply accepting that Jesus was Someone important?  Does it mean that we can live our lives chasing all the dreams normal people do, while calling ourselves Christians?  Or does it mean that we can actually KNOW Him?  Does it mean that we can become so close that part of Him or His nature lives within us?  Does it mean that we come to acute terms with His authority and His Righteousness?  Does it mean that we live in a state of constant awareness where whatever we think, say or do, we do it in His sight and His Presence?  Are we aware that He is with us right now and feel His Presence always?  Is this what we mean when we say that we receive Him?

To clarify who are the ones who receive the Light, do we find that they are those who believe in His name?  What might we say believing in Jesus´ name is?  Does it simply mean that we think it is possible He is Who He says He Is?   Does it mean that we have convinced our minds by our own cerebral achievements?   Does it mean we have reached this conclusion from our own research?  Does it mean we are clever people?  Or does it mean that we are accepting Something to be true which we cannot possibly explain ourselves?  Does the matter come down to faith in the unseen?  Does it mean that we put our hope in powers which we cannot expose by science?  Must we give authority to place on what is right and wrong, not in our own judgment, but in the One in Whom we are putting our trust?  Do we have to leave it to God to say what can or can´t be done?  Instead of asserting ourselves, will we need to listen closely and each one learn from Him?  Would this kind of follower be the kind which the Lord would say “believes in His name?”

Blessed are those who have chosen to press forward and open our hearts to receive Jesus as real and living personal Saviour!  Blessed are those of us who lift our eyes beyond what we can see here on earth and believe in the name of the Son of the Most High God!  Most blessed are those who will dig deeper than the average nominally held notions and make sure that they are counted as true children of God!  Now can we ask ourselves the big questions?  Are we truly the ones who are given the right to be His children?  How do we know?  How badly do we want to become just that?  What are we doing to make sure that we are the ones?  How far are we willing to take it?  How close will we come to Him today?

Dear Jesus, thank You for sending us the Light.  Thank you for making a Way for us to come unto our Father in Heaven.  As we find that there is still so much to learn of Your amazing power and love, guide our hearts forward.  Assist our souls as we start a journey that began with individuals that looked to the world, and will never find an ending in the discoveries and wonders of You!  Please we pray, make us the sort of believer which goes past traditions, rituals, theories and hearsay.  Take us to the blissful land of hope in real and intimate relationship with our Saviour!  Teach us, cleanse us, and remove from us our tendency to look to the world we live in!  Set our sights no lower than Heaven!  Be our Lord and give us the right to be true Children of God!


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