Law, Grace And Truth

For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.  John 1:17 (NIV)

John is continues to build up the scene for us on when Jesus appears to mankind.  He speaks of the testimony of John the Baptist.  He explains that we all receive blessings upon blessings through the grace of Jesus Christ.  Now we are given the thought of the law given by Moses.  What have we learned through it?  Is it important for us to know that we are held accountable to the Lord?  Does it teach us to bring all our actions and intentions before God for His approval?  Should we use it to hold ourselves at arms distance from Authority by following commands in machine-like routine?  Or does the law tie us together in an intimate relationship?  As good as it might be for us, is there still much more that enables us to draw nearer to the Lord?  Through Moses the guidelines of law were handed to us.  Now is Jesus the One Who can bring us the rest of the Way to the Father´s side?  Is it He Who will bring us home?

Next we are presented with grace.  What is grace?  Is it something we can earn?  Is it an attribute we can possess?  Or is it something given to us from One highly superior?  Is it something we deserve?  Or is it something which is given to us regardless of our lack of merit?  Could grace be something that is enjoyed alone?  Or is it something which involves contact between at least the giver and the receiver?  Is it a giant step forward from law and obedience?  Is it a blessing from above?

Then we come to Truth!  What is that?  Would it be simply that what we can convince ourselves of?  Or could it be something that is correct, regardless of what anyone or anything may try to make of it?  Is it something which we naturally possess?  Is it something we obtain by superior study methods?  Is it something achieved by only the greatest scholars?  Is it something that the human brain has evolved to the point of understanding everything?  Do we know all there is to know?  Or could there be things that we may still learn?  Could truth be buried within the God Who says He designed all that we see and know?  Might He hold the keys to enlightenment?  Should we look away from ourselves and to Him for new discoveries all the time?  Could He be in essence the Truth?

These may be some pretty big issues that we each may need to come to terms with.  But should we think that they combat each other?  Are they at odds one from another?  Or do they each play their part?  Do they all have their origins in the same One Who says He loves us and made us too?  Do they all draw us ever closer and ever more dependent upon our God?  Do we need to know all the answers?  Or do we need to be only clever enough to see where they all would lead us?  Should we think that we can divide or choose between them?  Or should we look to what their goal is?  Should we try to follow the direction they point us, and meet up at the feet of Jesus?  Should we leap at the chance to approach the Lord our God?

Dear Jesus, we come before You today.  We have heard of the Law of Moses.  We have become aware of an outstretched hand of grace.  Our hearts have sensed a whisper of Truth.  Open up our souls today to receive.  You do not need to speak to us, if we are already perfect.  But for those of us who still can learn, please come to us now!  Teach us as if we were babies!  Teach us the secrets of You and Your Kingdom.  Impress upon our souls today Your Presence in our lives!  We do not want a text-book religion.  We want You in living relationship with us right here and right now!


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