Not By….

children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.  John 1:13 (NIV)

Before we even get into the story of the life of Jesus, do we find our writer setting the stage for us?  Does it seem that he is moved by a Great Unseen Force?  Is he giving us insight into marvelous workings of a mysterious and powerful God?  Are his words spiritually directed?  Do they make us lift our eyes higher than what we can see around us?  Is he pointing us to and bringing us before lofty issues and an immense celestial Being?  Does he make us consider our standing before a real and incomprehensibly mighty God?  As we view ourselves in relation to His wisdom and righteousness, are we forced to reconsider how we size up?  Is our right to stand before God brought into question?  Do we feel naked and bare?  As the light of God is shone upon us, must we examine our hearts again for proof that we truly belong to Him?

We have learned that some have been given the right to be sons and daughters of the Almighty.  No matter how convinced we are in our minds, do we still need to press close to Him, to find His reassurance?  Is there a deep need within to hear Jesus´ sweet voice of redemption?  Or are we happy with ourselves and our achievements already?  Can we stand alone with our own strong convictions?

What does it mean to be born not of natural descent?  Are we supposed to think that we are to look at our lines of heritage?  Would a Jew or a Christian stand in a better light because of the family they were brought up in?  Or are we led down a completely different path?  Do we leave behind the worldly ways, races and religious backgrounds?  Must we come to the conclusion that true children of God are ones who have found Him in their hearts?  Are they the ones who love Him and know Him personally?  Are they the ones who hear His voice?  Are they the ones looking to find Him?

When brought to the question of whether or not we can make it to God´s side by our own decision or human will, where do we stand?  Do we think we can earn our right to be children simply because we made a choice to call ourselves Christians?  Do we think we are heirs to the throne of God because someone told us we already were?  Can our husbands, wives or family decide this for us?  Or will we each need to find the Lord on our own?  Will we each stand or fall on how close we are with our Saviour and our God?  Will our love for the Lord overshadow our failures?  Will our faith be bigger than our failure to capture all that God is and can do?  Will our insistent need to be near the Lord in Spirit and in soul, far out-weigh any act or theory we may hold?

Dear Father in Heaven, we come to You not to boast all that we do know of You.  We come before You to be undone and overwhelmed by all that we still may experience as we come to know You more!  Please find in us a people who are not content to stand on our heritage, our religious status, or our fine ideals.  Rather find in us a people who are looking to be born of God!  Let us be open and anxious to be quickened to a new life deep within!  Help us to burn inside to be near to You!  Help us cry out for You!  It is You Who will take care of Your children!  It is You we need!  Let us be Your true children  today, we pray!


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