After Was Before

John testifies concerning him. He cries out, saying, “This was he of whom I said, ‘He who comes after me has surpassed me because he was before me.’ “  John 1:15 (NIV)

Do we find some things written in the Bible that are hard to swallow?  Are there so many things that we just have to say, “I don´t get it?”  Are there things that we just can´t see happening?  Do we struggle to see how it could possibly be?  John the Baptist testifies to the Son of God.  He cried out in the wilderness.  He points towards One Who would come after him.  But he says that this Special One is much greater than he.  He says that Jesus would come to us after he did.  But he says that Jesus had actually been there first.  Is this just another example where our natural minds struggle to comprehend?  If we look at what we know of our environment, does it just seem impossible that characters and time can be meddled with?  Are there many of us who have questions over what God claims is true, and what we see and know are possible?  Are we all guilty of harboring shadows of doubts over certain abilities of God?

Could having questions and finding things that challenge us to believe, just mean that we are alive and actually using the brains God gave us?  Might God even be smiling down at us when He sees that we ARE taking the time to consider Him?  But at the same time that we find it difficult to understand, should we remember Who we are dealing with?  Can we truly say that we believe in God if we are going to try to hold the right to say what can and cannot be?  Would we be contradicting ourselves to say we believe in an unseen God, but only allow ourselves to believe what we think He is capable of?  Where is our faith?  Can we even call it faith?  Many people puff themselves up and say they are Christians.  But how many of us have locked Jesus and God into a definition we can handle?  Who is left that throws caution to the wind?  Are there any of us out there who will remove all the boundaries and limitations and let God be God?

If we would like to open ourselves to experience God, are there certain states of heart that we should seek?  Would we first need to open ourselves to learning a few things of God that we did not know before?  Would we have to admit that He may be bigger than what we can see or have experienced already?  Could He be clever enough to still have wonderful surprises in store for us?  Might He still have incredible blessings for those who are willing to give Him the benefit of the doubt?  Should we make a gallant attempt not to harden the lines of what God can do?  Should we rather look away in humble admiration and let ourselves be amazed as He reveals new and marvelous workings to us?  Would we be better suited to experience God, if we lowered our esteem of ourselves?  Would we be better prepared to be blown-away with fantastic new discoveries each day?  Are we looking for a God like that?  Would we like to now?

Dear Lord, please take away the boundaries that we all have set for You in our hearts.  Open us to be amazed each and every day as we discover You moving more and more in our lives!  Prepare our souls to be blown away by what we may experience today!  Let our lives be touched by One Who we cannot see and have no power to understand.  Rather let us be thrilled to learn a little more of You all the time.    Let us know it is OK if we do not know everything about You just yet.  But give us an eternity to enjoy those thrills and fresh discoveries that will astonish us always as we move further into Your Light!


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