No one has ever seen God, but God the One and Only, who is at the Father’s side, has made him known.  John 1:18 (NIV)

Before diving deep into the life of Jesus, does the book of John make us stop a moment to think?  Should we have a few points current and felt before any real instruction can come to us?  Is that what is happening with us?  Whether it is the first time we are considering that Jesus is sent to us, or one of a thousand, are we taking stock in our hearts?  Are we making an actual attempt right now to bring ourselves into the Presence and awareness of God?  Regardless of what our beliefs are, will we all embrace any gift from above?  Will we receive any instruction which points us upward to our Lord?

Are we honest in our theology?  Are we honest to ourselves?  Have any of us actually seen God?  Or can we consider Him the Great Unseen Reality?  Is He Something and Someone Who exists whether or not we are conscious of Him?  Could He have that kind of ability?  Is He that Big?  Is He that intelligent?  Is He that powerful?

For us to come close to a real awareness and relationship with the Lord is it essential to us to open ourselves to the One Who was sent to us?  Will it help us eternally to have a first-hand witness as our Guide?  Would it be just like our caring Father to give us assistance in our pursuit of Him?  Can we see Him in His faithfulness, sharing with us His own blood?  In His grace and mercy does it please us to hear of Him sending us His only Son?  Would this be the perfect Way in which to look further into the Light of God?  Would the Heir to the throne be the ideal Person to bring us into understanding?  Would the Son be the only One Who could possibly represent His Father in any full sense of the word?

Have we settled our beliefs in what the Lord is capable of?  Have we left room to be surprised still today?  Are we willing to experience more than what we already have?  Or have we reached our peak already?  Who is there left who is honest enough to admit they haven´t scratched the surface yet?  Who is looking to find more of the Son of God?  Do we really think that we can find Him in conscious awareness working here with us in our lives?  Will He in turn bring us before His Father?  Are we content with our fine ideals?  Or are we going to be tortured souls until the moment that the Son is discovered unto us?  Are we going to press forward out of a deep need to come close to the Great Unseen God?  Are we going to start right now?

Dear Lord, so much we still need to learn!  So much closer we may still come to You!  Send us some help today!  Open us to receive the wonder and reality of You!  Prepare us for wild new discoveries!  Do not give us only high emotions at certain times!  Give us awareness of You!  Show us how close You are!  Show us how much we can share each day!  Show us how we can live our lives not only for You, but with You!  Blow us away with Your power, Your grace, Your mercy and Your love!  Set our souls alight with an intense burning for truly knowing You!  Then help us find more and more all the time!


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