Making Straight

John replied in the words of Isaiah the prophet, “I am the voice of one calling in the desert, ‘Make straight the way for the Lord.’ “  John 1:23 (NIV)

John the Baptist is baptizing people in the river.  He is preaching of the coming Christ.  He is asking men and women to prepare their hearts to meet the Lord.  Some have come to question him.  They want to know who he is.  They want to know what importance to place upon what he is doing.  He denies actually being the Christ that Scriptures foretold of.  But the inquirers need more.  They keep pressing him.  They want to know for sure how to take him.  Do we?  As he responds to their questions, do we listen to his answer?  As he quotes words written many years before his time, can we see the part he is playing in our coming to know the Lord?

What is John´s response?  Who is he?  Is he some unimportant personage from the pages of the Bible?  Or is he one who was prophesied of?  Is he one who holds an important part in building our faith in the One sent from God?  John says he is the voice calling out in the wild places.  Is he telling even us to prepare a Way for the Lord into our own hearts?  Does his voice reach even our ears?  Or do we live in such a wild place that we cannot hear his words of preparation?  Can we make straight a Way for the Lord to come unto us?  Do his words have that reaction within our hearts?  Have we heard them and been moved into action?  Do we take stock?  Do we look to see if we are truly ready to meet the Lord?

The people of his day flocked to hear John the Baptist preach.  They recognized an emptiness within their souls and a need to draw near to God.   They were moved to be washed with water and to make a deep commitment to seek God.  They did something.  What are we doing to prepare ourselves?  Are we that deeply moved?  Have we recognized our need for more of Him?  Are we letting the testimony of people like John the Baptist prepare our hearts to be filled with Holy bonding?

If we have gone so far as to dedicate time and effort to read this far, is it a sign that we do actually recognize our need to know Jesus more?  Has the seeds of desire already been planted?  Are we allowing them to take root deep within?  Will we give Way to their insistent pull and work along with the efforts of the Holy Spirit?  Will we leave behind our pre-conceived ideas and open ourselves to a new awareness?  Will we leave our comfortable lives and risk being surprised by a Great Presence in our lives?  Are we prepared to meet our Saviour today?  Have our hearts been made straight enough for that?  Are we sure?  How do we know?

Dear Jesus, we sense our need to know You.  We have heard a voice telling us.  We have detected an emptiness and vanity in our earthly lives.  Help us work along with all that will prepare us to be filled with the greatest relationship possible to mankind.  Make straight a path in our souls to come into direct contact with You!  Make a Way for us to find You in a real Way today!   We do not want to stop with lofty ideals and convincing concepts.  We want to truly enter an awareness and a relationship with You!  We want to be able to come to You, to speak with You, and to learn from You in every moment!  Find in us, a people ready to meet You right here and right now!



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