See Jesus Coming

The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!’   John 1:29 (NIV)

John the Baptist continues to give testimony to Jesus Christ.  He sees Jesus coming and he tells those who are there to hear that This Is the Lamb of God.  He shares with us what the Spirit is impressing upon his heart.  He tells the world that God above wants us to know He has sent us His Messiah.  He testifies that the Sacrificial Lamb is come to take away the world´s blame.  But who do his words reach?  Who hears the herald from John the Baptist?  Did only a few followers hear it the day he said it?  Or have many taken to heart this voice from the desert?  Is he pointing our hearts heavenward?  Does the testimony of John the Baptist help us recognize Someone Special Whom we can come to know?  Is this what is happening now?

John sees Jesus coming and so He tells us.  He says look.  He says this is the One.  He tells us what Jesus can and will do for us.  Do we listen?  Are we listening to him now?  What reaction do we have today?  Do we brush off his words?  Have we heard it all before?  Do we say that we already have seen Him?  Do we think we already know Him?  Does this mean we can ignore the testimonies today?  Is there nothing new to learn anymore?  Is the question of our sins an ancient dilemma that we had solved for us long ago?  Do we not pause to consider it today because we are counting on a decision we made before?  Or is it something to keep present with us even now?  If we are pointed to One Who makes us whole and frees us from bondage to our sins, should we be looking even harder still?  Should we be the first ones pressing forward in an attempt to see Him?  Should we be the ones who let all the heralds within the Scriptures speak directly to us?  Should we resist any devious trick of our hearts to relax?  Should we seek harder to know the One Who is coming?

The story we read of the life of Christ may be set in a past historical setting.  It may be poetic and tragically beautiful in a literary sense.  We may have had our spirits lifted before and our lives may have been changed.  But should our vision of Christ be placed rather into the here and now?  Should we be straining to see Jesus today?  Should our eternal fate depend upon our reaction to the Presence of the Lord right now, instead of yesterday or even tomorrow?  As the witnesses tell us that the Son of God is coming, should we drop everything?  Should we turn our heads?  Should we strain to see Him?  Should we take or confided knowledge and use it to draw us closer to our God?  What are we going to do right now?

Dear Lord, we hear the testimony and we sense our hearts are directed to Jesus.  Please help us to have a good state of heart to receive Him!  Prepare us for knowledge of the Son of Man like one we have never known before!  Prepare us to actually SEE Him!  Prepare us to truly MEET Him!  Prepare us to KNOW the Son of God!  Do not let us rest with anything less, we pray!


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