The Holy Spirit

‘I would not have known him, except that the one who sent me to baptize with water told me, ‘The man on whom you see the Spirit come down and remain is he who will baptize with the Holy Spirit.’  John 1:33 (NIV)

Have we decided to believe only those things which can be proven scientifically?  Are we going to limit our knowledge to only those things which men can pick up, study, and teach to each other?  Are we going to listen to those who build machines to test the world around them then write all kinds of books to form our understanding of the world around us?  Will we let others do our thinking for us?  Will we sit back and let the wisdom of the universe be handed down from generation to studious generations without asking some questions ourselves?  Who is there left who is looking to be surprised by powers which we cannot see with the naked eye?  Are there still those who look at the world around them and admit there are things, powers and beings which we still may know little or nothing about?  Or are we so big and smart, that by not being able to see them, we can rule their existence completely out?

John the Baptist testifies that his work was ordered by a force outside of himself.  He was driven by an unseen Manager.  His duties were assigned by a God whom he could recognize was communicating his tasks to him.  He does not boast that he could test or prove God in any scientific manner.  He speaks as if his relationship was intimate, intelligent and directed.  He was instructed what to say and in what to expect.  Should we hold the testimony of John as that of a madman?  Or is his message more uplifting?  Does the direction of his testimony lift our eyes and our hopes to a powerful and caring God?  When he speaks of the Holy Spirit and mysteries which cannot be proven by modern science, should we throw out his testimony for our lack of faith?  That we struggle to comprehend something, does it mean that it will forever remain out of reach to us?

Even within the body of those who claim to worship God, do many people today still stretch ourselves to grasp Who and What the Holy Spirit is?  Is it difficult if not impossible for us to picture a powerful and ghost-like Entity?  Because we cannot see Him or define Him will we lose the opportunity to draw close to understanding Him?  Would we stand a better chance of entering a relationship with this Mysterious of All Personages, if we could at least hold an ember of hope in His care and guidance?

While we contemplate the testimony John the Baptist gives towards Jesus Christ, can we see him ushering us towards the help of this wonderful unseen Intelligence?  Are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost all seen to be working in harmony?  In intimate and overlapping roles are they giving utmost concern in restoring of our race unto God?  Do they carefully draw us closer to the Lord?  Regardless of our denominational preferences and beliefs, does the mention of this Holy Spirit of God, bring us nearer to understanding His intentions for us?  Are they positive thoughts?  Are we humbled when we contemplate them?  Does thinking of the Spirit stir us to want to know and experience more?  Could He be an intricate part in bringing us into a strong and healthy relationship with the Divine?

Dear Lord, as we stop to ponder the wonders and mysteries of things greater than our imaginings, we surely come up short.  How can we understand that what we cannot see?  But there is a voice calling to us.  There are questions yet to ask.  We are drawn to You!  Enable us!  Help us!  Direct us as we learn of thing which words cannot explain!  Help us come to know God!  Help us come to know You!  We do not need to reach an end.  But we do ask for a beginning!  Bless us please, with Your Spirit today!



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