Upon Finding Jesus

The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him, “We have found the Messiah” (that is, the Christ).  John 1:41 (NIV)

There is talk of the coming Messiah.  Everyone has heard the prophesies.  A voice is ringing out in the wild places.  Witness is given to the One to come.  People are preparing to meet the Saviour.  Hearts burn to know Christ.  A Way is being made to come unto God.  Restoration and pardon for the distance between us and the Lord is being preached.  Do we sense that He is close?  Is the excitement building as we get our hearts ready?  Is the scene today the same as it was when Jesus began His ministry?

The Holy Spirit descends upon Jesus and John the Baptist testifies that He is the Holy One of God.  He admits that for all the closeness and confided relationship he has with God, he is nowhere near comparing in importance to the Son of Man.  He testifies to the fact that he is not even worthy to untie the sandals of Jesus Christ.  Now he sees Jesus and the Spirit resting upon Him.  He shares this with others.  They in turn have come into contact with the Lamb of God.  They meet Jesus.  They have a real encounter with Him.  They walk with Him.  They talk with Him.  They ask Him if they can follow Him closely.  Jesus Christ takes them in.

It is all remarkable.  It is all beautiful.  Have we had a moment like this?  Have we had a real encounter with the Lord?  Have we met the One who takes away the sins of the world?  What impression did the experience leave us?  What reaction did we have?  Were we moved?  Scriptures say that the first thing Andrew did was to run off to share with his brother.  Does it sound like he just couldn´t contain it himself?  Was he overjoyed?  Did his encounter with Jesus thrill him to the point where nothing else mattered?  Did an attitude of selflessness sweep over him?  Did it make him turn his attention from himself and to others?  Did he need to share the love of God which had poured into and over him as he finally got to meet Christ?

If we have known about Jesus for a long time but have never gotten too worked up, do we think that we truly have met Him?  Could our state of passiveness be a sign that we haven´t really found Christ yet?  If we were to actually meet and get to know the Son of God, do we think that we should be able to contain ourselves?  It has been said that we all already have the exact amount of God that we really want.  If this is true, then why are we all not rejoicing and running off to tell our brother?  Why is our supposed time spent with the Messiah not overwhelming us?  If we truly have found Jesus, is our reaction demonstrating it?  Who are we telling?  Are we keeping it to ourselves?  Or can we not contain our joy?  Is the first thing that comes to mind, to run off and share Him?  What will we do today?  If we haven´t had a real experience, should we seek it right now?

Dear Jesus, others have met You.  We hear of their reaction.  We want to feel the same sense of not being able to contain all that we experience as we discover You.  If it is the first time, come to us and sweep over us in conscious awareness.  Let us find You in a real Way today!  Let us spend time in Your company!  If we have been there before, let us seek Your presence with a desperation and hunger.  Fill us with the encounter with You until we cannot contain it anymore!  Let us then go off to share what we have found in You!  Let the world know through us that we have found the Son of God!  Let them know that Christ is here!  Let them know that they too can come to find You in their lives!


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