Jesus Knows Us?

“How do you know me?” Nathanael asked. Jesus answered, “I saw you while you were still under the fig tree before Philip called you.”  John 1:48 (NIV)

Jesus is calling His Disciples.  Everyday others begin to follow Him.  Now we hear of the reaction Nathanael had when Philip brought him to Jesus.  Was he more than a bit skeptical about all this fuss over the Messiah?  Did he need a little more evidence for him to believe that Jesus Christ was sent to us from God?  Was he interested enough to stop what he was doing and do what was necessary to go and meet the Son of Man?  When Jesus spoke as if He already knew him, was Nathanael honest enough to question how it was that Jesus knew him?  Could it be an important question for each of us to find out on our own?  Would we all like to know if The Son of God has the ability to have seen us and already knows us each intimately?  Could it be vitally important to us in our mission to find the Lord, to know that even before we start our search for Him, He has already been with us?  Might He even had a part in whatever process it was that led us to perk our interest in Him?  Could He have seen us under our trees or minding our own business before we were called?

The process each one of us takes may be extremely different to as we each learn of Jesus and begin to follow Him and walk with Him.  Do we see that it happened that Way with the Disciples too?  Does the Lord know what each of us needs?  Does He find us all in whatever we are doing?  Has He seen us wherever we were before?  Could it be an admirable quality of our God that He sees us and knows us before we ever come to an awareness of His Presence?  Would it be just like an All-Powerful God to know our most intimate secrets long before we have had the chance to share moments together with Him in personal experience?  Does it make us feel good to know that Jesus knows how low we may have fallen, yet still loves us?  Does it open our hearts to learn of Him knowing that He sees every part of us yet still wants to enter a relationship with us?  Does it draw us closer to Him and with deeper yearning, to realize that He has been watching us all along?

If we are serious about truly entering a deep and satisfying relationship with Jesus Christ, might we want to stop and ponder what it means to us that He already knows us?  Would we be in a better situation and state of heart, if our awareness of His Presence were that enlightened?  Might we all benefit today by hearing Him say to us that even before we come to seek Him and know Him, He was there for us?  Does it bring home to us the intimate and personal quality of our relationship with Him?  Does it rule out all the coldness of ritualistic worship?  Does it bring us to the question of how personally we have brought ourselves to Him?  Are we playing tricks on our conscious?  Or are we sufficiently moved to spend some time with One Who Is here and has been here with us all along?

Dear Jesus, open our eyes to see some new and wondrous qualities of You.  Let us see just how You are there for us all throughout our process of finding You.  Thrill our hearts to know that You still seek our coming together even though there is nothing we can hide from You.  You have forgiven our darkest secrets.  You loved us first.  You already know us.  Thank You for not rejecting us.  Now as we come, enable our hearts to appreciate Your love.  Let our awareness of You and Your care, spark our further interest and enhance our yearning to know You more!


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