Will See Greater

Jesus said, “You believe because I told you I saw you under the fig tree. You shall see greater things than that.”  John 1:50 (NIV)

Can we say that we have come unto Jesus?  Have we been moved sufficiently to the point where we leave what we were doing before and set out to find Him?  Did we get out of our routines?  Did we leave our familiar settings?  Did we drop our comfortable impressions of Him so that they would not get in the Way when we did truly meet Him?  Did we leave our peers, our family and our friends with their own standing on the Saviour and actually approach Him ourselves?  Were we brave enough to move past what our church groups push upon us?  Have we looked beyond our authorities’ beliefs and the commonly held norms?  Have we gone so far as to get right into His Presence?  Have we felt His eyes upon us?  Have we heard His sweet voice?  When we learned that He knew us intimately even before we left what we were doing, does it amaze us when the weight of it all explodes upon our awareness?  Are we blown away at even the tiniest thought of all He is and all He can do?

Nathanael was amazed when he realized that Jesus had been watching him and knew him before he was even invited to come and meet the Lord.  He declared that surely this was the Son of God.  Surely he was standing in the Presence of the rightful King.  So the Saviour tells him that this does not even scratch the surface.  This one small revelation of the greatness of God and the wonder of His Son, is only a hint of the marvelous surprises He has in store for us.  Jesus speaks to Nathanael and we can learn of all the incredible revelations that were soon to follow.  But does this teaching stop there?  Were the words written down and preserved over the centuries only to teach that one man back then?  Do they speak just as clearly to us today?  Are those words booming in our ears too?  Can we hear them now?  What do they say to us?

Wherever we stand with the Son of God right now, can we say that we are amazed?  If not, do we think that we have gone far enough out of the comfortable old routine to find Him?  If our hearts are not thrilled with the realization of Him and the incongruence of our standing in His Presence, should we understand that we need to go a little farther?  Could we be holding on too tightly, to our past ideals or earthly treasures?  If we are amazed by what we have found already in Him, do we think that we have reached the end to the Wonder that Is our God?  Is He beckoning us forward in our search for Him?  Is He telling us today that we need to take a few steps closer to Him?  Is He asking us to follow Him where He is going right now?  If we heed His encouragement now, might we stand to be further enthralled every day from now until eternity?  What is He saying to us?  Can we hear Him?  What are we going to do?

Dear Jesus, what is it that You are speaking to our hearts right now?  What new wonder would You have us know about You today?  We want to be blown away!  We want to be thrilled each moment by what we find in You!  We want to be drawn ever closer!  We want to have each incredible discovery of You explode over us and leave us undone!  Begin our education right now.  Whatever we have experienced of You up to now, let it serve for us as a taste of what is still to come!  Surprise us!  Teach us!  Open our hearts to receive greater revelations still!  Open our hearts to know the real You, we pray!



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