Not Yet

“Dear woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied, “My time has not yet come.”  John 2:4 (NIV)

There is a wedding.  Jesus and His Disciples are invited to come.  His mother is there.  When the celebration is in full swing and they run out of wine, Jesus´ mother knows that He can do something about it.  Does she know He can help in any and every situation?  Is it because she has recognized the connection between Jesus and God?  Is looking to Jesus here, like looking to God in Heaven?  Can we see the miraculous power of God at work in His creation, merely by gazing at His Son Jesus Christ?  Is this why Mary got Jesus involved?  Did she have such a simple and strong faith in God to look to Him in every instant?  Might this be why she was blessed among all the women of the earth?  Is this why she was chosen to be the earthly mother of the Son of God?

Then comes the reply of Jesus.  He says, “not yet!”  What?  There has been a request from a needy human being.  How could the Lord respond in such a way?  How could the Saviour put off helping someone?  He wants to know why she is involving Him.  Is it because He doesn´t want to help?  Or could He be asking to see how much faith is truly in the request?  Could our caring Lord hold off at times a speedy answer to our requests at times to see if we truly want to see Him in action?

What about us?  Are we just throwing wistful prayers up into an endless space above?  Or are we directing our attention to the Source of all Good?  Are we wishing for things hardly expecting that Someone somewhere out there may hear us and grant that our dreams come true?  Or are we genuinely approaching One Who we Know and trust?  Are we coming personally to a kind and loving friend?  Are we coming to the Son because we know He is working in our lives?  Do we look to Him in our situations because we know He is close with the Father?  Do we come to Him for even the tiniest of our silly problems because we have that kind of relationship with Him?  Do we look to Him that honestly?  Do we approach Jesus because we share this close a bond with the One who is working with all the power of God in Heaven?

So when we get the response, “not yet,” what should our reaction be?  What can we think?  If we are serious about finding power, healing and grace in Jesus Christ, is there a mighty lesson for us to learn?  Should we lower our sights?  Should we secretly trust the known and tested laws of nature?  Or should we be encouraged by the thought that our requests are being tested?  Should we bolster up our faith and come closer still to the One in Whom we would set our hope?  For the glory set before us, could we press closer to Jesus and insist that He amaze us?  Could we leave behind our preconceived expectations and be willing to be amazed?  Could we come with even the smallest request and rest our hope that the hand of God will blow our minds when and how He chooses to work?  Will we come because we believe His miraculous strength takes precedence over our understanding of how things work on earth?  If we do, will we then pass the test of time and perseverance?  Will our faith take on a new quality?  Will we truly look to the Lord?  Will we be exercising faith?

Dear Jesus, we come to You.  You know what You are working on in our lives.  Let us take heart when we hear You say, “not yet.”  Let us show our hearts are set on seeing Your outcome by looking to You.   We are here to see what You will do when You see we have come and will remain with You.  Give us simple faith, to see Your miraculous hand at work in our lives, we pray!



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