Miracle And Faith

This, the first of his miraculous signs, Jesus performed in Cana of Galilee. He thus revealed his glory, and his disciples put their faith in him.  John 2:11 (NIV)

Jesus is just beginning to reveal Himself.  His ministry starts and His followers are with Him.  They are moved but have had little time to realize just Who Jesus Is.  Obviously they have already realized that this Son of Man has something which is more important than their former jobs, their families, their old routines and their old ways of living.  But for all their strong convictions, do we think they were ready to see just how much power lay at His command?  Even though something made them drop everything to be with Jesus Christ, were these men in for some surprises as the Wonder of God is revealed in the Son He Sent to us?

Water is miraculously turned into wine.  Some may be skeptical.  But those who witness this incredible feat are amazed at the power of God.  Some are able to see that the Creator is moving in His creation.  The Disciples begin to realize that Jesus is not like us.  They begin to see that the Son has been sent from above.  They begin to see that this humble Man is on a Divine mission.

Miracles go against modern science.  They are events and results which we cannot explain.  They are when something else happens which is impossible unless God has showed up.  We can deny that these miracles happen, but if we are present when one does, there is no other explanation except that God is here.  Our concept of reality is shattered.  We see results that without God´s hand could never have been possible.  Suddenly the rock on which we stand is not so stable.  Anything is possible.  Control is out of our hands.  Our wisdom and experience add up to little.  We have to admit that we stand before a mighty God.

The Disciples experienced this when they saw Jesus perform this first miraculous sign.  Deep in their hearts there was no other place to put their trust.  They put their faith in Jesus not because they could explain Him, but because they saw that God was with Him.

As we stand to look at our own personal convictions, what are we going to look for?  Are we looking to be convinced?  Do we need to analyze how or if it is possible for Jesus to make wine out of water?  Do we need to debate the Scriptures to convince ourselves if miracles actually do occur?  Or is there a different approach?  Could we look at Jesus like the Disciples did?  Could we open our hearts to see if God is moving there?  Could we look to see if the Father gives His approval?  Could we give Jesus the chance to be more than we have expected?  Could we let ourselves be amazed again and again as He reveals Himself unto us?  Could we lay down all our formal notions and ideals?  Could we come to Jesus to see if He is real?  Could we come to Him with the intention of actually getting to know Him?  Could we approach Jesus with the thought of truly coming into the Presence of God?

Dear Jesus, none of us have seen God.  Stepping into the Presence in our current state would surely be fatal.  Yet You have come to us.  Some of us are willing to lay down our old understanding of the world we live in.  Some of us are open to be amazed.  Please recognize within our hearts today just who those are who truly are looking to meet You.  Prepare these hearts to see all kinds of wonders.  Prepare us to see the mighty hand of God at work!  Show us Your glory!  Shock us and thrill us every day as we come to know You!  Let us come to trust more in the God we serve than in the tested laws of nature.  Build our faith as our awareness of You grows.  As we draw nearer to You in Spirit and relationship, let infinity be the limit!


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