Lifted Up To Believe

’Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life.’   John 3:14-15 (NIV)

What does “lifting up” really mean?  Because just like Moses did it with the snake in the desert, Jesus says the same must be done with Him, right?  Moses put the snake up on a pole for the dying people to look at.  Is that what happened with Jesus?  Was Jesus´ pole the cross?  Should the wayward race of mankind look to Christ on the cross, to find their salvation?  Could this be what Jesus meant?

Although tragically beautiful, could what Jesus did for us on the cross be more than and ending?  He sacrificed His life to save an unworthy and wayward race.  He accomplished His mission of paying for our separation from God.  He will never have to die again.  What could be a greater expression of love, grace and mercy?  But is it like our God to have a once-done act settle the matter of our lives for all eternity?  Or could God be looking for something a little more constant?  Could He be asking for more of a relationship?  The sacrifice was made for us!  The price has already been paid! But does this mean we can sit back and relax?  Because we made a decision years ago, does this secure our future for all eternity?  Or is there an important part of this instruction that should be lived out every day?  Is there something still on our part that should be done continually for us to be saved?

How do we read it ourselves?  What does the Spirit whisper to our hearts?  Should we make a bold statement of looking to the cross one day, and then forget about the matter?  Or do we think that Jesus should be the focus of our lives?  If we say that we believe in Him, does this mean that we are listening to what He tells us all the time?  Has He ever taught us beliefs that are removed and distant?  Or does everything He point to bring us into intimate contact with Him and with the Father?  Do we approach the scriptures with only our minds?  Must we merely be convinced in our head?  Or should our whole being be in tune with the Lord?  Should we sense His Presence?  Should we hear His voice?  Is there more to religion than rituals and fine discussion?  Are we to be living a walk and an intimate relationship that is mutual?

Could looking and believing be of the same nature?  Could they be done in the same Way?  As those of old looked at a snake on a pole with their eyes, could we now gaze at Jesus with our hearts?  Could we tune ourselves to Him with all our attention?  Should we direct ourselves towards Him that fully?  Do we think that salvations could be assured to those who set their lives on seeking Him and seeing Him?  Would His promised life to us be given to those who were that intent on sensing Him?  Would we be ushered into His Presence if we were to focus our entire selves to finding Him in our lives?  Would we see Him move powerfully in us if we looked past the clamorous world around us and set the constant gaze of our soul on Him at all times?  Could the Lord be suggesting something so involved?  Would this make Him indispensable to us?  Would it go past a once-done statement?  Would we experience a relationship and a walk together with Him? Would we be lifting Him up?  Would this demonstrate our belief in Him?

Dear Jesus, be lifted up in our lives!  Be the center!  Please become the most important part of us in every moment!  Let us turn first and always to You!  Develop in us, such a trust and dependence upon You that we cannot take our eyes off You for even an instant!  Then, with our eyes and our hearts so fully upon You, then we will know that we truly believe in You!


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