God Loved So

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’  John 3:16 (NIV)

Cherished, preached, quoted and memorized by so many people.  Could John 3:16 be one of the most beautiful passages of Scripture within the entire Bible?  If not the favorite of thousands of people, could it at least be one of the most celebrated and repeated texts?  If it is so universally known, then what is the message that it brings us?  Why is it that we love it so much?  Do we still pause when we read it?  Do we stop often to meditate upon it?  What does it mean to us right now?  How will it help us today to get through our busy day?  Where will it bring us now?

Does it seem to us that Jesus is summing up or condensing the whole history of our world?  Does it come across to us that He is bringing all the pieces together and putting it all into perspective?  What are the pieces of this picture to us?  Naming them in order do we find God, love, the world, the Son, belief, not perishing, and life eternal?  In this short message are all of these tied together beautifully?  Does love find its home and author in God?  Are we the world, also tied together with God out of His unfathomably deep love for us?  Is it for this that the Gift of His Son, His One and Only Son, is given unto us?  Does this give us an opportunity to share a special relationship with them?  Does belief bring us to that union?  Does it tie us to the Father through His Son?  By our belief in the reality of this Gift and the necessity of Him for our salvation, are we aligning ourselves with the Source of Life?  Will finding our hearts connection to the Son, bring His life eternal to live within us?  Is this a unity that could last forever?

Whatever this text is speaking to our hearts today, does it draw us close and connect us to the Lord in the most essential Way?  Is it possible that the reason we are even considering this extremely familiar text is because God is once again communicating His love to us right now?  Is this the message that is coming across in this moment?  Does the thought make our hearts go out to Him?  Do we want to snuggle in closer in love?  Does Jesus become all the more crucial to us?  Are we sensing our need to be tied together with Him in the closest of loving bonds?  Do we need to hear His comforting voice?  Should we feel His Presence with us as the very reason that brings us Life?  Is having Him in our hearts what moves us and lets us love in return?  Can we see the parts of God´s plan coming together?  Because He loves us so, has Love and Life come to us as well?  Are we wrapped in this great embrace with Him right now?  Is this where we would spend the rest of all eternity to come?

Dear Jesus, we hear of the love of God.  We hear of the Gift of You unto us.  We hear of our part together with You.  Please bring all the pieces together right now!  Wrap us up in this beautiful warm embrace.  Show us what belief means today so that we may find Life and Love in You!  Then tie us all together with the One Who loves us so!



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