Even now the reaper draws his wages, even now he harvests the crop for eternal life, so that the sower and the reaper may be glad together.  John 4:36 (NIV)

What is all this talk of reaping?  Jesus briefly mentions this subject of a crop, a reaper and a sower.  But where does He lead us?  What is He saying to us today?  Do we have a ready response?  Have we heard someone teaching on the subject?  Did we read about it somewhere?  Have we let someone else form our interpretation for us?  Or could Jesus be speaking directly to each individual?  Do His words for the whole crowd manage to reach us personally?  Regardless of how we read the Scripture, do His teachings always bring us closer to Him?  Do we find ourselves going to Jesus more and more?  Do we look to Him?  Do we follow what He tells us in our moments spent together with Him?  Is our personal worship time a moment to bond?  Do we receive something from Him?  Do we hear His voice speaking to us?  Are we this sincere with our devotional time?

Would the story of our life be a sad one, if we live out those years marching on our own?  The direction of Jesus´ teachings always led towards direct and intimate contact between God and man.  It is a high pursuit for mortal man to search and study the Holy Scriptures.  But might we say that without blessed finding of a real encounter with God, all our education will never add up to much?  We could learn all about Jesus.  We could study all our lives.  But so that God´s work is completed in us, will we at some point need to be brought to Him?  Will we need to come into His Presence?

Let us all go to the Word of God.  Let us seek a favorable and uplifting interpretation.  But let us bring all we find to Jesus.  Let us go to HIm on our knees.  Let us pray in earnest with Him.  Let us listen for His voice.  Is He receiving our prayers?  Is He there with us?  Is He adding anything to what we have learned?  Is our spirit lifted by this time we spend with Him?  Is He pleased with our encounter too?  Are we drawn closer in Spirit in these blessed moments shared?  Whatever our interpretation comes to over sowers and crops are we reaping already the rewards?  Is our payment and our joy one that we are sharing with Jesus now?  Will it last for all eternity?

Dear Jesus, You are our teacher.  Thank You for sharing with us.  Thank You for making a Way to come to God.  We come to You now.  We come to learn.  Most of all we come to find.  Bless these moments when we are here with You.  Draw us closer still.  As we listen, as we pray, let our spirits soar with the joy of being in Your Presence!  Let these be the finest moments ever!  Let them carry us through our day!  Let us return often!  Let us learn to take You with us when we go!  Let us reap the greatest reward possible to us!  Let us reap a harvest of You in and with us today!



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