Why Jesus?

‘And he has given him authority to judge because he is the Son of Man.’  John 5:27 (NIV)

All who have come to contemplate God, sooner or later come to the question of what they believe about Jesus.  Could we reduce the importance of the Son of God and still say that we believe in what the Bible teaches?  Can we call ourselves Christians without lifting up the Son of Man?  Can we separate God from His Son?  Do we?

Jesus is confronted by men who refuse to believe.  They choose to ignore the amazing miracles the Son is performing.  They would reduce Him and be rid of Him.  In Christ´s defense, He starts talking of His relationship with the Father.  What does He say?  Does the talk of a Father and a Son bring us a vivid picture?  Is it a loving relationship?  Is it a pure one with the best of intentions, one for the other?  Does the wonder of this close bond spread out even unto us?  Was it for us that Jesus had to be born of man?  Was it us whom Jesus was sent to witness and to teach?  Was it for the hope of restoring us to God that He had to suffer and be sacrificed?  Was it all done to bring us all to a loving relationship once again with the Lord?  Although a drastic and tragic story, does it have a fine ending?  Does it point us to a positive outcome?

We may be able to look up and allow God to be Who He says He is.  It might be an easier thing to do to look up in wonder.  But does it take a sizably greater strength of faith to embrace the thought of Him having a Son?  Could it have been part of God´s plan that we would need to stretch our faith and exercise our trust?  Could the all-wise and all-powerful God in Heaven have designed for us a special part to play in our relationship with Him?  Could He have purposefully given us this test so that some would prove their belief in Him?  Could it be that this special trust which we have in Jesus is our humble offering to God?  Could Jesus be important for us because He plays this important part in uniting us with God?  Could everything Christ ever said or did direct our attention towards God?  Could the Father have given His Son authority because He accomplished God´s plan and became the Son of man?  Is this why He became our Saviour?  Is this why believing in Jesus is crucial to us?  Is this why we turn to Christ?  Is this why our hope, our future, and our faith rest in Him?  Is this why we seek Him?  Is this why we need Him?  Does it honor God when we believe in His Son?  Is this “Why Jesus?”

Rather than take another person´s word for it, should we each work out with the Lord what importance to place on Jesus?  Rather than look to each other, should we look up?  Could we all get onto our knees in a quiet place?  Could we open our hearts before the Lord?  Would our simple gesture of faith open the doors of Heaven?  Would God then be able to communicate to us?  Shall we try?

Dear Jesus, the world would reduce You.  But we would lift our eyes above the world.  We would look to God above.  We would honor Him.  Our burning hearts will not let us give less.  We want to please Him.  So we will embrace His gift to us.  We will embrace what came from Him.  We will embrace His gesture of love and goodwill towards us.  We will embrace You!  We will look to You!  Become for us our Way!  Become our Way into the Presence of God!  Become our Saviour!  Become our Guide!  Become our most intimate Friend and Councilor!  Become our hope we pray!


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