Who Jesus Pleases

By myself I can do nothing; I judge only as I hear, and my judgment is just, for I seek not to please myself but him who sent me.  John 5:30 (NIV)

The Son of God is sent from Heaven above.  He comes into the world born in the body of a Man, Jesus Christ.  His heritage is from far higher than anything we can imagine.  His power, His authority, His vision of things unseen, and everything about Him are all unimaginably greater than all we know.  Yet here Christ is, forced to justify Himself before men.   But what does He use to give Him credit?  What can He say is His most special quality?  What is His powerful argument?  Does He wield His higher heritage?  Does He puff Himself up over His lofty appointed mission to save mankind?  Or does He simply refer to the fact that He is wholly committed to pleasing God?  Are His commitment, His dedication and His complete focus on the Father the proof He chooses to stand on?  Is the greatest testimony any human can ever have, this joy of saying that they look not to themselves?  Could our highest purpose be to please the One Who made us?

Now it is not a popular idea to set aside our private agendas.  We have long lived seeking our own personal goals.  The world has grown accustomed this train of thought.  Self has grabbed ahold of our hearts and will not relinquish its grip easily.  We seek to please ourselves.  We seek personal gain.  Distant and remote is the thought of serving the will of Another.  We may like to think that we serve God, but most of the time do we make sure our own agendas are taken care of first?  If we do something to please God nowadays, is it most likely because it fits first into what we ask of this world?  Are our needs sought far before we ever consider what God might want?

Set over and against our way of thinking, is that of Jesus.  He resorts not to seeking His own pleasure, but to pleasing the Father.  Could He be sharing a great hidden treasure?  Could serving first, and looking first to God, be the underestimated and under-preached secrets of Christianity?  Could setting aside the pursuit of our own delight bring us into a realm without limits?  Could we rise to where we could actually know the joy of pleasing God?  Could this be the only Way to unleash the unlimited power of the Almighty into our lives?  Could this be where miracles happen?  If we could get past who we are and what we do, could we reach the lofty plains of centering all our attention and all our joy in seeing the smile on the face of our Lord?  Could we devote every desire, every thought, every goal we have not in lifting us up, but lifting up the God we serve?  Would this be the finest joy a man can experience?  Is Jesus sharing this secret with us today?  Would we like to know the out-workings of this same secret delight of Jesus?  Would we like to see what will happen if we too could find the joy knowing Who He pleases?  Would we like to follow our Saviour in His special defining treasure?  Would we like to make pleasing God our defining quality too?

Dear Jesus, thank You for sharing the secrets of Heaven with us.  Thank You for caring enough about us to even try to draw our attention from our own agendas.  Please let us know the importance it could hold for us to seek the pleasure of God before our own.  Please show us what special bond that might create between God and us.  Let us know the joy that You knew of sharing this special privilege.  May we learn to dedicate ourselves too, to the pursuit of seeking to please God!  Teach us to make Him happy!  Teach us to look to Him far before ever considering ourselves!  Give us this joy today!  Make it what defines us as well!



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