Who Can Testify

“If I testify about myself, my testimony is not valid. There is another who testifies in my favor, and I know that his testimony about me is valid.’  John 5:31-32 (NIV)

Would it help us all to study the stars?  If we took a minute to examine the size, space and distances of the constellations, would we come away with a better perspective of ourselves?  We tend to get caught up in our daily routines.  We focus upon the immediate tasks, problems and duties we face each day.  Our world is reduced when we center all our attention on those things.  But it is only illusionary.  We still move about in one small part of this great universe?  We are not the center.  We may not be able to see much from where we stand.  But it does not make all the rest of our universe go away.  It is all still there.  The day we open our eyes to see it again, it looms into view.

As big as our universe is, it still cannot contain God.  God formed it.  He stands forever above and beyond it.  Somehow in His greatness, He is able to be present here in His creation.  He is active.  He is working at this very moment.  He is communicating with His children.

Jesus Christ testifies of His relationship with the Father.  But does He know the frail and inadequacy of the testimony of a Man?  Does He know how short we come with the testimony of even the most important of all men?  If we look at our universe, its size, its immeasurable space and distance, how far will even our loudest shout go?  So how could the voice of a man compare to the testimony of God?

Men doubt the validity of Jesus.  They can recognize He is special from all that He does and the way others hold Him in esteem.  But they demand proof.  They need an Authority to testify to Who He Is and what He is about.  So what does Jesus say to them?  Does He call on the experts?  Does He go to the books?  Does He even try to use His actions, His powerful words, or His amazing works?  No!  He goes to the One Source Who truly has authority.  He diverts the question to God.  He points our attention above.  He directs us to the Lord.

Do the things we face today seem big?  Has what we see around us clouded our vision of the rest of the universe?  Could we all stand to take a step back?  Could we all lift our gaze over the clamor of our busy day?  Could each one of us benefit from looking up into the heavens?  Could we consider what lies above?  Could we let our wonder fall on the Reason that all of this is here?  Could we focus our hope on God?  Jesus tries to help us set our sight on One Who can testify.  Will His testimony bring us to the One Who will tell us all we need to know about ourselves, the world we live in, and the Home He has for us?  Are we listening?  Will we look up now?

Dear Jesus, let Your words fall on open ears today.  Let us look up in wonder and in awe.  There is One above all that we can see.  His testimony is sure.  He is trying to communicate with us now.  Let us hear His voice!  Help us to desire to hear more each day!  Help us to know the One Who testifies of You!  Help us know Him personally!  Bring us to Him now!


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