Life-Giving Bread

‘For the bread of God is he who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.”  John 6;33 (NIV)

Have we all worked our way through the thought process of why we approach Jesus?  Have we taken the time to bring the issue up with Him?  Those who made their choices long ago, do we dust off the cover and open our hearts like we open a book? Do we bring those hearts to Jesus as if to an old and confided friend?  Can we look with Him into the pages of our hearts and confer with Jesus just what it is about Him that is important to us?  Do we actually sit, (or kneel) with Him each day to go through these vital steps?  Do we pour out our hearts to Him?  Do we sit as a good friend would and listen to His sweet voice?  Is it a two-way conversation?  Is there an intimate Loved One receiving our overtures?  Do we know that?  Is it sensed?  Is it felt?  Can we feel His Presence?  Are we warmed with His embrace?

There are many who profess to be Christians.  They may reach great heights of proclamation and outward demonstration of their faith.  At the same time there are many who have never heard of the possibility of approaching Jesus in an intimate relationship.  The two extremes may have one thing in common.  They may live out their entire lives missing this joy, this pleasure that true closeness brings.  Inside this loving embrace Jesus lives!  In warm and intense communion between our heart and His, the power of God is activated.  The Presence of the Lord in the heart of a soul is an overwhelming experience!  It is one worth seeking!  When a common man can actually sense the Presence and walk in the Light of God, his heart will feel like it cannot contain it all.  The sensation that overcomes this individual will feel like an ocean is rushing in to the tiny cup of his or her soul.  It is the most thrilling experience!  It changes our lives!  But how many people are feeling this each day?  How many of us are even looking for it?  What are we doing to have this life-giving experience right now?

We have a choice.  We can plod along like everyone else.  Or we can seek this closeness to God.  We can draw near to the Bread that gives this new Life!  We can feed off of Him!  We can partake!  This does not mean we eat a small biscuit from time to time in mass.  This means we actually do what it takes to get into His Presence.  This means we go through whatever process we need to in our hearts to find Him personally.  He is here.  But some effort is required on our part.  We will need to demonstrate to Him, that with Him is where we truly want to be.  Then He will be able to show Himself to us!  Then He will be able to thrill our souls!  He will give us the experience of our lives!  It will be like nothing this world can ever give us!  It will fill us like nothing else could!  It is the Bread of God!  It is He Who comes down from above!  It is He Who gives life to the world!  Are we feeding on this Bread today?  If not, what are we willing to sacrifice to have It?  Little?  Or anything it takes?

Dear Jesus, You are the Bread of Life!  Instead of a beautiful name, It Is Something essential to our nourishment!  We must have You!  We need You today!  Please give to those of us who hunger!  Give us a healthy Portion!  Give us, fill us and feed us today!  It will be more than our fallen nature can support!  But we can settle for nothing less!  We need You now!  We need You to sustain us!  We need You for the strength it will take!  We need You to make it home to our Father!  Let us taste the Bread of Life now in actual living experience!


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